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Date: 01-26-2018 - 01-27-2018
Title: Clarksdale Film Festival


Featuring MessipiDiversity and the Big River
by Christopher Battaglia, Sat Jan 27th 4pm at New Roxy Theater
What is wild? How can you both enjoy and protect a wild space?  Messipi: Diversity and the Big River explores the wild, modern frontier of the Lower Mississippi River.  On board a 29’ voyageur canoe with a crew of raw & ragged river rats, this film follows a journey from the American heartland to the Gulf of Mexico, celebrating the Rivergator, over 54 days in the spring and fall of 2017.  The Mississippi River is a complex, dynamic landscape; in order to tell her story, Messipi paints a fresh, maternal portrait of “Old Man River,” using the people, places, flora, fauna, and industry found deeply connected between the levees of this grand natural resource (which also formed the land that gave birth to the blues - the legendary Yazoo-Mississippi Delta).  By creating more public access to the Lower Mississippi River, the Rivergator guides the viewer on a journey that seeks to revive an American frontierso that ultimately we can bring balance back to our rapidly changing world, and bridge the widening gap between civilization and mother nature.

Messippi Film Bonfire & Celebration: Saturday, Jan 27th, 7-9pm.  On the banks of the Sunflower River, behind the Quapaw Canoe Company building, 3rd & Sunflower in downtown Clarksdale.  We will be sharing photos, videos, artwork, and many adventure stories around the campfire, in celebration of the Chris Battaglia’s Film Messippi — from the 2017 Rivergator Expedition.
Featuring Rivergator artists Boyce Upholt, Chris Battaglia, Rory Doyle and John Ruskey. Artists will be donating half of any proceeds back to the Lower Mississippi River Foundation to help support stewardship of the big river through youth engagement and conservation. Boyce Upholt chapbook Walled in Wild for sale $20 each. Chris Battglia 16x20 color photo prints $150 - $200. Rory Doyle 12x18 color photos $175. Rivergator watercolor map-posters for sale $10 - $25 each.