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Date: 04-22-2019 - 04-27-2019
Title: Horn Island Expedition


In celebration of Earth Day -- 6 Day Expedition to the wildest and most remote of the Mississippi Barrier Islands, Horn Island.  6-day expedition in 29' cypress strip voyageur style canoe, Mon April 22nd to Sat April 27th.  All paddle together, very safe & stable, canoes are made for the Great Lakes.  Meet at Ocean Springs Harbor.  Park vehicles.  1 day paddling out, 4 days on island, 1 day paddling back.  Final schedule weather dependent.

$870 total for guiding, outfitting (big canoe, paddles, life jackets and all necessary water safety gear), meals, dry bags, tents & sleeping bags, kitchen ware and camp setup, all food prep, cooking & cleaning.  No previous experience necessary, but must be willing to paddle long miles, and must be in good health and shape.  6 minimum, 12 maximum.

Horn Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and was delicately & articulately celebrated by the legendary naturalist-artist Walter Anderson in watercolors, prints, pottery, wood sculpture and journaling.  
We will set up base camp on island for 3-4 days of creative and island/seashore exploration.  A
rtistic-types and anyone else welcome.  Long open water crossing and primitive camping.  Must be in fairly good shape, and comfortable with waves and extended sustained long distance paddling.  

In partnership with the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in celebration of Earth Day 2019.  Contact john@island63.com to reserve your seat in big canoe, or more info.

Mon April 22 - Sat Apr 27

Horn Island Expedition — Artist’s Retreat in Voyageur Canoe