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Date: 04-07-2019 -
Title: Irish TV 'Hector USA'


'Hector USA' is an 8 part series of ONE hour programmes to be broadcast in Autumn 2019 on TG4. The whole operation is of necessity very compact with a crew of 3 (which includes Hector) and the camera as the sole piece of equipment so we are of little distraction which has always allowed us to travel safely and capture amazing content over the years. This is a travelogue style show giving a vibe of the people, the tone and the character of the country but all part of a relaxed travelogue through your country.

This journey in 2019 will take Hector overland from Georgia to California as we film pretty much 8 days per episode.

The series will be presented in GAELIC (the native language) by Hector

We do our best in making these shows real and honest - We are not a travel show who tells viewers where to stay and what to do like the normal tourist shows do but give the viewer a sense of past, the present and the future of countries that you must discover through us meeting interesting characters and engaging with interesting activities. 

Generally speaking, I am looking for 8 interesting stories per EPISODE - Each of the shows will feature ONE state and give a vibe of its people, its tone and its character. I am looking for interesting people with interesting stories, visual stories, usually with activities involved. It's all about IMPACT. 

Hector loves Sport, Music, Human Interest, People, Loves to be Amazed, Crazed, Enthused .... Interaction is good for Hector - The more we can have him in group of people the better - He's a real natural in the crowd ...