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Date: 07-05-2017 -
Title: The American South: Spotlight on Social Justice


Engage with issues and initiatives related to social justice as you explore the evocative American South, birthplace of the civil rights movement. With the guidance of an expert from The New York Times, a leader in covering social issues, begin in New Orleans and travel the bayous of Louisiana, the red-dirt roads of Alabama and the cypress breaks of the Mississippi Delta. Meet people who lived civil rights history, and those carrying on the work of the movement’s pioneers. 

Focus on issues of race, politics, access and local socioeconomics, tracing their origins and meeting with activists who are seeking solutions. Explore small towns, cafes and civil rights landmarks, and discover the local particulars of universal struggles in this landscape of resistance and resilience. Talk with people who lived through the triumphs and failures of the civil rights movement and those affected by it, on both sides. Walk in the steps of the movement’s pioneers, and hear the blues performed where they were born. 

Learn of the legacies of poverty, discrimination and social injustice, and return with a new understanding of how small, committed groups of people can have huge impact.