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Helena - Buck Island Sunset

Narrative: Buck Island (Prairie Point Towhead) is the most recent addition to the Mississippi River Water Trail being established by the American Land Conservancy. There is no better way to experience it than by canoe or kayak. Spend an afternoon exploring the outer fringe sandbars and willow/cottonwood forests of Buck Island, and then enjoy a driftwood campfire and evening fish fry while tugboats churn through the muddy current as it swirls around Trotter's Bend. It's that "Magic Time of Day," as Mississippi artist Walter Anderson once wrote, where the land and the sky find some kind of harmony. Add to the harmony the powerful expressions of the biggest river in North America and one of its big islands. Deer emerge from the woods, songbirds fly thither & hither looking for their night-time place of rest, beaver start moving amongst the bankside willows, and wading birds continue fishing along the muddy flats. The sun drops lower and lower towards the Helena Bridge and the southern terminus of Crowley's Ridge, where Helena is situated, jet trails are seen reflecting brightly in the ripples. Load your canoe and paddle back downstream to the harbor as the sky colors become richer and richer, yellows descending into oranges, reds, siennas, and the clans of coyotes begin their first song of the evening. You will return to land reconnected to the river with an unforgettable sunset etched in your memory and hearty southern cooking fresh on your palate.

3pm: Meet at the Helena Harbor
4pm: Make landing on Buck Island. Time for exploring, beach-combing, swimming, following tracks across the huge sandbars, whatever.
6pm: Fish Fry, Bar-B-Que, Southern Soul Food.
7pm: Sunset. Reload canoes and paddle back towards Crowley's Ridge & the Helena Bridge in the last light of the day.
8pm: Return to Helena Harbor

All expeditions are outfitted with first-aid kits, rescue ropes, life preservers, cellular communication, and VHF marine radio.  Please remember itinerary is dependent on river level and prevailing weather.
When on the river, there is no time but “River Time.”
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