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Overnights (2 Day)

  • 1.Natchez Under The Hill to Fairview Landing, Old River at Deerpark.

    Day 1. Launch from the famous Under the Hill. Paddle below the twin bridges at the base of the bluff and then behind secluded Natchez Island. Evening camp on the high bars across from Wainscott Landing. Excellent sunset views and ample room to stretch one's legs. Evening activities include painting, photography, star gazing, tracking and campfire cooking.

    Day 2. Start the day with a hearty breakfast and coffee followed by a morning sandbar romp. Set out to hunt for the old mouth of St Catherine Creek, now part of the 25,000 acres of The St Catherine Creek Wildlife Refuge. The excursion will continue to the Old River Chute and paddle in to Fairview Landing. Time permitting a stop will be made to see the ghost ship The Steamer Mamie S Barrett. Trip distance 26 miles.

  • 2.Fairview Landing to Knox Landing

    The group will meet in Natchez and shuttle down to Fairview Landing. We will have a brief stop at Deer Park to look at abandoned early 1900's paddle wheeler, The Steamer Mamie S Barrett. Once the flag ship for FDR's 1942 Mississippi River Inspection, she now lies overgrown on the banks of Old River.

    Day 1. Trip begins at the bottom end of Old River, Fairview Landing. Paddle out the chute onto the main river. If conditions permit we will cross over to Washout Bayou. Continue down river for a lunch stop on Fritz Island with a 9 mile long view of Dead Man’s Bend to its turn at Jackson Point. Evening camp at either Palmetto Bend or Blackhawk Island. Explore the area and settle into a comfortable spot for a hot meal and blazing campfire. Coyotes sing us to sleep while the owls talk amongst themselves.

    Day 2. Sunrise brings a new day and new sights to see. Set off down and around Palmetto Point, named for the vast stands of bottom land Palmettos. The first of the Old River Control Structures come into view soon after. Construction started in the 1950's when it was realized that the Mississippi River was working hard to move its channel to the shortest route to the sea, The Atchafalaya River. If this happened it would leave the important river ports of Baton Rouge and New Orleans without accesses to the Ocean. Several flow control structures, one lock and a hydro electric plant now occupy this stretch of the Western bank. At the Knox Landing take out one has nice view of the Bluffs on the East bank as they come back to the river at Ft Adams. If the timing is right you can watch a tow lock through on its journey from the Red River on to the Mississippi or vice versa. Trip distance 28 miles.

  • 3.Port Gibson to Natchez (The Phatwater Race course)

    Day 1. Haven't heard of The Phatwater Kayak Challenge? A 42.5 mile event with a 12 year history, started by Keith Benoist and Melissa Morrison. Here is a chance to enjoy it at a bit slower pace than the 8 hour time limit! Shuttle up from Natchez to the Claiborne County Port through the historic city of Port Gibson, the City said by Ulysses S Grant to be "To beautiful to burn". Set out on the river with a first stop at Coffee Point Dikes to stretch your legs and gain of the river below. Stop at the mouth of Bayou Pierre, Paddle the back channels of Browns Field Dikes and an evening camp in the vicinity of Spithead Towhead.

    Day 2. The old ghost town of Rodney is located several miles inland, no longer accessible via river. This once thriving river towns' fate was sealed with a westerly migration of the river around the beginning of the 20th century. The islands below Waterproof provides the first part of the days' trip. Paddle back channels and search for a hidden lake. Explore the mouth of Coles Creek and then enjoy a view of Natchez from nearly 12 miles upriver. Stop for a swim behind Fairchild Island and paddle through the 1933 Giles Cutoff. Examine the area of The Devils Punch Bowl and the northern chute of Old River before paddling into Natchez Under the Hill, with majestic view of Victorian houses high atop the Loess. The trip ends with a visit to the world famous Under the Hill Saloon. Distance 42 miles.

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