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Announcing Big Island:

A Creative Haven

for Lower Mississippi River Paddlers

What is Big Island?

Big Island is a spectacular deep-delta haven for writers, photographers and other creative-types concerning paddling and the wild nature of the Lower Mississippi River! Make a landing on Big Island and you will find the highly acclaimed Mark River Blog (you've heard of Mark Twain? Now meet Mark River!). There is a Mighty Quapaw Page. There is a gallery for photography. You will find great river renderings & writings, beautiful photos, soulful paintings, colorful maps and whimsical essays. We have future hopeful plans for a Rivergator Page, a Big River Map Page, a Big Muddy Mike Page and a Riverkeeper Page. Throughout all you will experience the creative genius of a fine writer and riverman named Wolfie (Mighty Quapaw Christopher Staudinger).

Big Island is brought to you by “Driftwood Johnnie” John Ruskey and the river rats of Quapaw Canoe Company and the Lower Mississippi River Foundation. For over a decade, Ruskey has photographed and painted images of this ever-changing landscape, amassing a treasure trove of unique glimpses into the worlds of the Mississippi. He has also sent out the Lower Mississippi River Dispatch to alert river-lovers of happenings in the Mid South and beyond.

The website is named after an old and mysterious place in Western Arkansas called Big Island. It is a dusky bear-filled island full of rusty old train bridges and bottomland hardwood forests at the confluence of the Arkansas River, the White River, and the Mississippi. And it was once the holy home of the Quapaw people.

So, from the banks of the beautiful Sunflower River in Clarksdale, Mississippi, welcome to Big Island.

Where is Big Island?

Go now and enjoy the latest postings from Big Island:

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...and as always ...wherever you are ...and whatever step you are making in life’s long & rugged journey we say around here:

“May the River be with You!”