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Lower Mississippi River Dispatch

Vol 9 No 7, Monday July 8, 2013

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Lower Mississippi River Foundation

River Events This Weekend in Memphis!

Friday, July 12th

Mississippi River Network


Calling all Mississippi River Network Members! Come meet your 1Mississippi team: Karen Thornton (Tennessee), Mark River (Mississippi), Chris Wolf (Louisiana) and Bobby Eagle (Arkansas), Friday July 12, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Sleep Inn Motel, 40 North Front Street, Memphis, TN 38103, Snacks will be provided. Please RSVP to Annette Gomberg, 1 Mississippi Outreach Coordinator, by Thursday July 11 or call 773-754-8905.

Saturday, July 13th 9am-4pm

Chickasaw Bluffs Daytrip

Shelby Forest to Mud Island

Paddle with John Ruskey and the Mighty Quapaws on the Mighty Mississippi River from Shelby Forest to Mud Island. Enjoy the wild scenery of Brandywine Island, Hickman Bar and Robin Crusoe Island. Paddle under the elegant “M” Bridge. Paddle into the Beale Street Harbor and downtown Memphis. You haven’t seen Memphis until you’ve seen it from the river!

Meet at 9am on Mud Island. Shuttle to Shelby Forest. Adventure includes shuttle transport, lunch, canoes, all river equipment and expert guides. Bring sun protection and river shoes. The trip will end at 4:00pm at Mud Island – Memphis Yacht Club. Reservations can be made by contacting John Ruskey at (662) 902-7841 or If you have never experienced the great river in a voyager canoe, this is a terrific opportunity!

Saturday, July 13th

Exhibit and River Program

5:30 – 9:00pm River Terrace

Mud Island River Park

The Mississippi River Corridor - Tennessee Cordially invites you to attend a Reception and River Program to Celebrate the Opening of Exhibition Tour – Mississippi River Museum “A TRAVELING EXHIBIT OF THE NATIONAL MISSISSIPPI RIVER MUSEUM & AQUARIUM AND THE NATIONAL RIVERS HALL OF FAME”

7:00pm Program with special guest speakers and great river music performed by Giselle Bonfaire from New Orleans. Admission includes appetizers, drinks, museum tour and one of the best views of the Mississippi River in Tennessee! Special Event Admission $50.00. For reservations please call (901) 278-8459 or e-mail: Advance Registrations recommended. For Credit Card payments go to For Checks, please mail to: MRCT, 291 Kenilworth Place, Memphis, TN 38112

The Mark River Blog:

Delta Summer

As the summer solstice coincides with the June rise, the Mississippi River is completing responsibilities to the living world right before my eyes. The crest has receded and exposed the beautiful sandbars, which are freshly deposited by mass and density to create a delta oasis. Grassy knolls grow out of the sand like manicured afros giving deer and their fawns fresh produce. Black birds, woodpeckers, and warblers hijack the canopy of the trees feasting on mosquitoes, mayflies, and cicadas. The Least Terns occupy every island fishing for a mate laying three small speckled eggs directly on the sand. All species of turtles from red ears to painted, Mississippi maps to muds, are frantically copulating and laying eggs nightly in the beautiful soft sand. Snakes, water birds, fox, coyotes, rodents, hawks, eagles all benefit - some by scavenging eggs , some by feasting on the hatchlings. It doesn't hurt the booming turtle population and it's good lean protein needed for small mammals to produce milk for their young.

The cycles of life continue....

The Mighty Quapaws started our summer with the expedition from Caruthersville to Memphis. We explored many back channels which develops during high water and even managed to paddle fifty two miles in one day rarely venturing on the main channel. A commercial fisherman shared his catch, which gave us a night of "willow steam-smoked catfish."

We also had the honor of hosting the Bike and Build crew. We had great food donated by the town while signing River Citizens from across the country.

We even found time to enter the newest canoe to our fleet , the Grasshopper, in the Memphis Canoe and Kayak race where we set our personnel best at nineteen minutes and three seconds. The Grashopper was the second fastest canoe on the water that day! It's always a wonderful day of paddlers and passion.

We finished the month of June with a trip from Greenville to Vicksburg. The weather was immaculate and so was the food. We had Mighty Quapaw staples: willow steam-smoke catfish, barbecue ribs, and lamb chop stew. It doesn't get any better than that. We even had the pleasure of watching a sea-plane land on the Mississippi River.

Through our stewardship to the Mississippi River, we have introduced many from across the country forming relationships for life. The River is so giving. It feeds us and moves our souls in passionate ways giving us the fuel to continue our quest of preserving and protecting the most valuable resource of our country for generations to come.

What a life. Become a river citizen today at

- Mark River

Mark River is a guide and teacher with Quapaw Canoe Company and is also the 1 Mississippi Southern Region Intern representing the Lower Mississippi River Foundation. Please go to for the Mark River Blog with photos, maps, videos, and other depictions of the Big River!

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