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I am so happy to share this news -- an amazing turn of events in the final days of the 2014 Mississippi Legislative session. Every step of the way everything came together. If we missed one step, or one day, this would not have happened.

And this historic event would not have happened if you hadn’t consistently stood beside us in this long road and offered us your constant moral (and financial) support that us river-rats were doing the right thing.

I am writing this with a lump in my throat for all of the feelings coming out…

Here is the countdown from the weekend:

Friday, March 28, SB 2972 (amended) passed out of committee and formally filed.

Saturday our bill passed the Mississippi House of Representatives 114 to 4. A landslide.

Monday, March 31st, this morning I received a phone call from Senator Robert "Bobby" Jackson (author of SB2972) that we passed the Mississippi Senate. Unanimously.

We're now on our way to the Guv!

I am crying me a river. I am sending my prayers of thanks to the four winds. Thank you wherever you are for helping make this happen. Special thanks to Representatives Chuck Espy, Brad Mayo, and Jeff Smith for their amendment (HB1604), and to Senators Sally Doty and Joey Fillingane for helping foster the final version of the bill through to completion. Many others assisted in roles large and small and we will never forget their participation.

Another Reason: Why?

Sunday we were out on the river all day with a family of six from Sonoma California. Three of our passengers were the “cutest of cute” -- three young girls ages two, five and seven -- and they came with their parents, and their grandmother. Three generations of a family having fun and learning about the greatest river in North America. My apprentice now river guide Ojay (Oscar Donaby) captained the canoe skillfully down the river. Former pro football star now turned river-rat Mark River took bow and showed the way. My own 6 year-old daughter was acting like a Junior Mighty Quapaw guide, helping me teach the young girls about the big river. Former Navy Chief turned river-rat Braxton Barden humbly elected to drive shuttle so that the others could enjoy the river. It's experiences like these that will create a better world. And will give people more reasons to come back to the river, and spend their vacations (and money) in the Deep South.


Everything has made a difference, included anyone who testified at our platform on I’ve edited our petition to simply ask our Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to “please sign into law SB2972 amended for exemption of taxes on river guiding companies, and other items.”

We're now at the very last hurdle in this long uphill climb.

If you haven’t yet, you can still sign the petition (and please leave a reason why) at

SB 2972 History

You can follow the entire paper trail of SB 2972, and see the current version with your own eyes at:

I am going to print up a copy of the bill and frame it and hang it in our canoe shop as a reminder of this wide circle of friends we have, and how we are all connected as family by the river.

History of Actions:
1 02/24 (S) Referred To Finance
2 02/25 (S) Title Suff Do Pass
3 02/26 (S) Passed {Vote}
4 02/27 (S) Transmitted To House
5 03/06 (H) Referred To Ways and Means
6 03/18 (H) Title Suff Do Pass As Amended
7 03/18 (H) Amended
8 03/18 (H) Passed As Amended {Vote}
9 03/19 (H) Returned For Concurrence
10 03/20 (S) Decline to Concur/Invite Conf
11 03/24 (S) Conferees Named Fillingane,Doty,Jackson (11th)
12 03/26 (H) Conferees Named Smith (39th),Rogers (61st),Lamar
13 03/29 (S) Conference Report Filed
14 03/29 (H) Conference Report Filed
15 03/30 (H) Conference Report Adopted {Vote}
16 03/31 (S) Conference Report Adopted

Many blessings to all from us Mighty Quapaws!