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October 15, 2014

For Immediate Release:

Help Wanted: Administrative Assistant

Description: Quapaw Canoe Company (QCC) seeks a part-time administrative assistant for its Clarksdale, Mississippi, location. Tasks include answering phone, keeping office, public presentation, booking river trips, accounting, help with expedition logistics, and other tasks typical to a river-guiding company. This position is a combination of secretary, interpreter and travel agent.

Requirements: Must be friendly and people-oriented. Must be good with kids as well as adults. Must have good communication skills, and be able to speak comfortably with individuals as well as groups. Must be a capable writer and typist. Must be computer savvy (both Microsoft and Apple systems). Knowledge of Quickbooks a plus. Ability with Social Media a plus. Must be willing to tackle challenges and learn new skills. Must be a good team member, but also must able to work independently. Must be passionate about the outdoors and the American wilderness ethic. Must be physically capable of outdoor tasks (such as canoeing and kayaking) and moving heavy equipment in preparation and/or cleanup of expeditions. Must have own personal vehicle and current driver’s license. Must be honest, earnest and hard-working. We are all worker bees in this company; the river is the queen.

Other Helpful Skills (but not requirements): Experience in nature tourism. Wilderness First Aid, or other medical training. Creative writing. Youth Outdoor Programming and Leadership. Natural Sciences. Adobe software. Grant-writing.

About Us: Quapaw Canoe Company is a mission-driven small business based in Clarksdale, Miss, with river outposts in Helena, Ark and Natchez, Miss. We are dedicated to exploring and sharing the beauty and wildness of the Lower Mississippi River and its muddy tributaries in human powered vessels.

Pay: commensurate with experience, skills and work history. Will help relocate if needed. No benefits. Part-time position might grow into full-time with the right person. Will compensate any job-related mileage according to state formula.

For more information: Please visit

To Apply: Please send 1) current resume, 2) an essay describing your interest, and 3) personal letter to: John Ruskey, Quapaw Canoe Company, 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614, or by email to

Tasks: Quapaw Canoe Company is a small, mission-driven, dynamic business with many types of service including guiding & outfitting, outdoor education, and canoe construction. All QCC employees share in all aspects of the work to be done. Tasks for the administrative position might include:

Office Tasks:

- Meeting and greeting of visitors and clients. Answering phone calls and emails and booking trips for expeditions. Arranging educational workshops and presentations. Keeping calendar and schedule of events.

- Taking notes at meetings, preparing minutes, memos, reports, and other organizational tasks. Internet tasks such as online research and upkeep of social media.

- Accounting details such as maintenance of records, spreadsheets, input of data, billings, payments, taxes and etc.

Program Tasks:

- Possibly some photography, videography and other forms of documentation

- Possibly working with youth in after-school programs and outdoor training

Guiding & Outfitting Tasks:

- Light cleaning around office, base. Cleaning of canoes & kayaks. Cleaning tents and sleeping bags and other camping equipment in between expeditions.

- Moving canoes, tents, water bottles, and other equipment in preparation for guided expeditions. Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds.

- Shuttling, driving, and other transportation needs

- Some outfitting and rentals of canoes, kayaks, SUPs, and related gear

- Possibly some canoe & kayak maintenance as needed, also paddles, pfds and tents

- Possibly some guiding in canoes or kayaks. Must be physically fit. Must be able to engage in continuous aerobic exercise for several hours at a time.

- Possibly some cooking on expeditions

Note: And possibly other responsibilities as the need arises. All in the QCC overall mission of bringing good attention to the Lower Mississippi River. Employee responsibilities often overlap.

To Apply: Please send 1) current resume, 2) an essay describing your interest, and 3) personal letter to: John Ruskey, Quapaw Canoe Company, 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS 38614, or by email to Feel free to write at length. Feel free to send any other supporting materials to help us understand who you are and where your passion for the river comes from.