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today's event has been postponed
to the New Years, 2015
Y'all, sorry for this, but the entrance to Montzuma Landing is in very rough shape due to recent rains and 4-wheel drive traffic in the mud. We have decided to postpone this event until the New Year. We hope this does not upset anyone's plans, and we hope to see you in the Ca-New Year.
In the meantime all of us Mighty Quapaws raise our paddles and send everyone a resounding "Whoo-whoop!" up and down the river to you and your family and friends, wherever you are, many blessings in the last light of the winter solstice, may the Creator's graces find you in this peaceful season, with the spirit of renewed light soon to follow.! Canoe! watercolor 8x11.jpg
“I Saw Three Canoes
Come Sailing In…”

Postponed to New Years:

Winter Solistice Sandbar Bonfire & Free Canoe Rides on the River!