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Keith Plunkett -- Lucy’s Revenge

2 Days on the Sunflower River

We hosted Keith & Sharon Plunkett and their son Hudson on the Sunflower last weekend -- 11 paddlers on the river Saturday, 13 paddlers on Sunday, including my daughter Emma Lou! The river was smiling with all the attention. Thanks again to all the kayakers & canoeists who joined in -- and special thanks to chef Matthew Joseph (Stone Pony) for feeding everyone Saturday night in support of Mississippi Alzheimer’s Association. See below for photos from the weekend. Unfortunately no one got a photo of Madge Howell when she took her swim in the newly named “Madge’s Pool” although Madge did determine that it was “Bottomless!” Be sure to check out Keith’s cool audio updates on his Lucy’s Revenge website:

Audio Updates on Keith’s Website:

Keith Plunkett’s Facebook Photo Gallery:

John McKee’s photos:

Quick Recap: Meeting for Friends of the Sunflower River -- Saturday Feb 19th.

19 people in attendance. Please welcome new members Bubba Battle and John Fewkes!

-We enjoyed a powerpoint presentation from Hart Benson & Robin Whitfield of the Big Cypress Outdoor Club about the Yalobusha, Tallahatchie and Yazoo Rivers and the “Loop” of Greenwood, Mississippi, and other places for paddlers to explore in their area.

-Update about the Sunflower River Weir Project from Yazoo Water Management District Dean Pennington & Clarksdale Revitalization board member Patty Johnson

-Horticulturist Tom Erwin addressed the concerns about the growing invasive weed problems in the Sunflower River -- Alligator Weed

-News: we are in the long process of becoming a nonprofit organization. This might take all year to complete, but the first steps have been taken, and now its only a matter of time & perseverance!

-Adopt-a-Ramp: when the new ramps are built, friends of the Sunflower would like to adopt at least one of them for cleanups & maintainence

-Lois Erwin helped us define dates for a downtown river cleanup. We decided April would be optimal for this. Date & Time TBA.

For more info contact: John Ruskey or 662-902-7841

Upcoming for Spring 2011:

March 26-27: Lucy’s Revenge on the Mississippi River

TBA: Hushpuckena Expedition

Expedition down the strange Sunflower River tributary. The Hushpuckena was historically formed by the overflowing of De Soto Lake. Today it drains everything between the Mississippi River levee and the Sunflower River from Farrell to Shelby. Born of springs & runoff around Rena Lara, the Hushpuckena meanders under Hwy 1 downstream south through Walnut Grove, Alligator (via Annis Brake Bayou), Duncan, and then cuts East at Hushpuckena under Hwy 61 to join the Sunflower River in the wilds between Shelby & Parchman. The head of navigation of the Sunflower River was considered to be at this confluence, downstream of which the Sunflower becomes the “Big Sunflower.”

March 5-6: Leave No Trace

Valuable training for Friends of the Sunflower River! Leave No Trace is for individuals who love the land. The trainer course introduces the ideas and principles of Leave No Trace and the teaches the importance of taking a personal role in preserving the outdoor experience for future generations. Learn the Seven Leave No Trace Principles and teach them to others. Legendary Mississippi painter Robin Whitfield explores the waterways of the Delta & Hill Country and paints from the cockpit of her kayak. Exhibition opening TBA. Artist’s Retreat TBA.

TBA: Exhibition of Paintings - Robin Whitfield

Legendary Mississippi painter Robin Whitfield explores the waterways of the Delta & Hill Country and paints from the cockpit of her kayak. Exhibition opening TBA. Artist’s Retreat TBA.

April 14-17: Juke Joint Festival

Quapaw Canoe Company will be offering two canoeing & kayaking activities during the long weekend of Juke Joint Festival: 1) Paddling on the Sunflower River and 2) Canoe-Carving Workshop. Both will take place all day 9-4pm every day Thursday April 14 – Sunday April 17. Location: Street level 3rd & Sunflower in downtown Clarksdale.

All Year: 1Mississippi River Citizen Campaign!

We have become the headquarters for the Southern Region 1Mississippi Campaign. You already are a River Citizen if you are reading this! Sign up with John Ruskey, or go to and do it online. See exhibit at Quapaw Canoe Company.

Please Remember -- 20% off any rentals of canoes, kayaks or SUPs for Friends of the Sunflower River in current good standing!!!