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The River Connects Us All

Lower Mississippi River Dispatch No 335

--- Posted Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016 ---

-- Bodies of Water --

Zoe Sundra CD Release Party at Yazoo Pass
Thursday, Feb 18th, 6:30-9pm
(Yazoo Pass is at 2nd & Yazoo in downtown Clarksdale)

Zoe Sundra: Bodies of Water

Mighty Quapaw Administrator Extraordinaire and Singer-Songwriter Zoe Sundra will celebrate the release of her newest recording BODIES OF WATER with special guest Colombian guitar genius Lauturo Mantilla. Tomorrow night performance and CD Release Party at Yazoo Pass. 6:30-9pm Thursday, Feb 18th. CDs for sale!

Now Available: Map Poster of Southern Louisiana

Southern Louisiana -- Mississippi and Atchafalaya River -- 26" x 36"

Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Venice, Birdsfoot Delta, Atchafalaya River for the: Rivergator - Paddler’s Guide to the Lower Mississippi River

Our newest map is printed on waterproof paper featuring the Mississippi River from Fort Adams through Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Venice, and the Birdsfoot Delta; and Atchafalaya River from Old River through the Atchafalaya River Basin to Morgan City, and then down through the Atchafalaya River Delta. 26" x 36" printed on 70# Yupo waterproof paper. Can be rolled or folded. Good on the river, good framed and hung on your wall!

You can order a copy of the map here:

Needed: Rags and Mixing Bowls!

A new voyageur canoe is taking shape in the Quapaw Canoe Company wood shop, and we need your help with bowls, plastic containers and your old rags. Please save for us anytime between now and June, 2016.

1) Needed: Plastic Yogurt/Cottage Cheese (or similar) Containers!

2) ALSO Needed: Rags! (For cleaning up epoxy resin. For wiping down canoes after sanding. For cleaning canoes before applying marine spar varnish). Anything cotton: Old dish towels, old towels, old shirts, whatever.

We are going into the wood shop in and will be building several voyageur canoes this winter. We need your 2 qt (or 32 oz) plastic yogurt containers! Cottage Cheese containers would work just as well. And also any other containers or bowls about that same size for mixing epoxy resin. Your old plastic or metal bowls. Smooth edges and rounded bottoms are best for the purpose. Clean them out and bring to us in downtown Clarksdale, or box and send to Quapaw Canoe Company, 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS, 38614. It will take us 4-6 months to finish these canoes. Anytime between now and June is good. Save your smooth plastic containers for us until June. Thanks! Free Mississippi River Connects Us All Poster to anyone who brings us cleaned out yogurt containers!

For more photos of the Lower Miss and more reading, go to

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Zoe Sundra CD Release Party at Yazoo Pass, Thursday, Feb 18, 6:30-9pm (2nd in Yazoo in downtown Clarksdale)