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Dear friends, family & river rats: sharing the below alert via American Rivers. I believe today’s vote will have direct impact on the health of the Mississippi River. Please read the below:

If you value clean water and air, then the nominee to head the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, is the wrong choice to lead the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Senate is scheduled to vote today (Wednesday, February 1st) on Scott Pruitt's nomination. We need everyone on board to help stop this nomination. Please contact your Senators today. Thank you in behalf of our beloved rivers.

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has has fought to stop commonsense protections for public health, such as protections against emissions of mercury, arsenic and standards to improve air quality in national parks and wilderness areas. Pruitt even sued the EPA to overturn clean water safeguards for more than half the nation’s waterways, including streams that feed into the drinking water supplies of 117 million Americans.

We all need clean water. It is essential to the health of our families, grows the food we eat, powers our economy and nurtures our communities. And rivers provide more than two-thirds of our drinking water supplies.

Someone who has repeatedly sought to undermine the EPA's authority cannot be allowed to lead it. Tell your Senators that Scott Pruitt is the wrong choice for the EPA.

The confirmation hearings are happening today. Send a message to your Senators now, telling them to oppose Scott Pruitt as administrator for the EPA.

Note: American Rivers has set up a simple system to connect you to your senators. Click on the below links for a contact info:


Phone Call:

(Click above — OR — call (202) 224-3121 — Press 1 to contact your Senators, then speak your state or enter your zip code. Call BOTH Senators, they both need to hear from you!)

Call on your Senators to oppose Scott Pruitt's nomination to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency!

Thank you American Rivers for alerting us about today's vote. Go to for more info.