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Memphis Arrival Delayed by High Winds

We've been slammed by high winds (gusting to 40 yesterday, gusting to 30 today), which makes for unsafe paddling, and have been forced to take refuge in a protected inlet on Dean Island (approx 25 miles above Memphis).
As result, our Memphis arrival is delayed one day. Any paddlers who want to join us from for the final 17 mile paddle into the Bluff City, meet us tomorrow (Friday April 7th) at 9am at the Meeman-Shelby Forest Boat Ramp with your own vessel and shuttle. Wind and weather dependent of course.

Note: Experienced paddlers only!

Bring water bottles, snacks, and lunch. Dress for the weather. Good day for wetsuits or drysuits. We've been wearing wetsuits since St. Louis because the water is still cold (mid 50s). Spring time can be the most dangerous time of year on the big river. The day might be bright & beautiful, but the water is still deadly cold.
Friday Forecast:

Sunny, with a high near 65. North northwest wind 5 to 10 mph.

PS: Meet in Memphis?

If you want to meet the expedition as we arrive in Memphis, we are hoping for a landing at the big ramp on Mud Island on Friday at noon! (Big Ramp in between Yacht Club and Monorail).

For more about the route from Meeman-Shelby Forest Boat Ramp to Mud Island, go to and type in the words: "Memphis Stretch" or Approaching Memphis" into the internal search (found in the upper right hand corner of every page on Rivergator).

Sorry for any inconvenience, and as always "May the River be with You!"

-The Gators on the Rivergator Expedition