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Lower Mississippi River Dispatch No 436

~~ Rivergator Returns to Life! ~~

Monday, Oct 30, 2017 ~ Photos & Stories from the Lower Miss

We are putting in where we left off last May, at mile 127, the Bonne Carret Spillway, and paddling down to the Gulf of Mexico for the next 2 weeks. The Rivergator lives! Dispatches for the next 2 weeks to detail the adventure with photos, stories, and personal vignettes. Stay tuned! More details below. But first, a deserving recognition...

Greybeard Rides Again!

Dale Sanders Completes AT and Sets New Record:
Our Mighty Quapaw paddles are up to our good friend Dale Sanders, who last week became the oldest man to through-hike the Appalachian Trail! Google Dale and read more about his latest feat. There is no moss growing around this spry Kentucky goat! (Now resident of Memphis).

Resistance Radio:

John Ruskey is worker bee in the colony of his queen, the Lower Mississippi River. He carves canoes, paints, and guides others into the wildest place remaining in the center of North America, the verdant floodplain of the big river, which reaches fullness in her last thousand miles of free-flowing joy to the Gulf of Mexico. He is author of, one million words, photos, paintings, maps and videos describing the Mississippi River for paddlers.


Rivergator Returns to Life!

Nov 1-Nov 10: Continuation of the Rivergator Expedition: We will return to Bonne Carre Spillway in early November and resume the expedition to the Gulf of Mexico. More details forthcoming, but dates are approx Wed, Nov 1 to Fri Nov 10th, weather dependent of course.

Dec 16: Winter Solstice Rivergator Celebration: close to the shortest day of the year we will be celebrating the Rivergator — this time with artwork and stories from the completion of the expedition.... with paintings, photos, writing, film, music -- also food and drinks! Saturday, Dec 16th -- Starts 5pm at Catalpa House in Clarksdale, Miss. 5-9pm. Featuring paintings by John Ruskey, writing by Boyce Upholt, photos & film by Chris Battaglia, photos by Rory Doyle, and adventure stories from Mark River and others. Catalpa House is located at the corner of Riverside & Catalpa (110 Catalpa Street — across the Sunflower River from downtown Clarksdale). For more information contact John Ruskey,, Lena Von Machui,, or Mark River

Randolph Poopline Update:

Randolph Poopline Brings 3.5 million gallons per day of wastewater to 2nd Chickasaw Bluff?

The proposed Randolph Poopline would dump 3.5 million gallons of wastewater per day into the Mississippi River below the mouth of the Hatchie, just above the 2nd Chickasaw Bluff. A one-month extension has been granted for the comment period (Until Nov 12th).

Please email (or call) your comments to the following:

Water Permits:

Meghan Ploch, TDEC ARAP writer:

(423) 634-2482

Wade Murphy, TDEC NPDES writer:


Bob Martineau, TDEC Commisioner

Senator Mark Norris - District 32

(615) 741-1967 or (901) 524-5279

Representative Debra Moody - District 81 (615) 741-3774

— OR —

Cut and paste the whole bunch:;;;;;

Recent Stories in West Tennessee Press:

Memphis Flyer:

Millington Star:

Covington Leader:


Where was the public notice?
by Echo Day Oct 5, 2017

Residents speak out against dumping wastewater at Randolph
by Jeff Ireland - Oct 5, 2017

Gov. Haslam pushes for $1.6B manufacturing plant at Memphis Megasite
By Joe Birch - WMC News - October 3rd 2017

Megasite waste will dodge Hatchie River

Tyler Whetstone - Jackson Sun - August 20, 2015

Memphis Regional Megasite plans $41 million wastewater line

Chattanooga Times - August 23rd, 2016

Tenn. maps 35-mile sewer for Megasite

By Tom Charlier - Commercial Appeal - Nov. 11, 2016

Capital grants for failed Economic and Community Development deals shifted to West Tennessee megasite

Nate Rau - Tennessean - Sept. 14, 2017



Rules of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

Tennessee Water Quality Control Act TCA 69-3-101 et seq


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