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Lower Mississippi River Dispatch No 437

Rivergator Wakes Up
~Bonne Carret Spillway, LBD Mile 127~
---------Wednesday, November 1, 2017---------

Full Moon Setting, Mark River Tending Fire on Josie Harry Bar

The story thus far: May 2018 the Rivergator Expedition pulled out at the Bonne Carre Spillway due to high water and high winds. It's good to know when to fold up your cards and walk away. Life is short, but the river is forever flowing. Now, at the beginning of November, the river is seasonally low (3.0 on the New Orleans gage), and the weather calm and cool. Today is also All Saints Day. We'll be making our prayers as we push off. It seems like good timing to return to where we left off.

Lena, Cup of Warmth & Joy, before sunrise, Mosenthein Island

And so tomorrow we will put in again at the Bonne Carret Spillway and continue downstream, our purpose being to share the beauty and adventure of the biggest and most powerful river in North America. We are now in the middle of the "Chemical Corridor," the busiest inland harbor in the world. We will have to search carefully for the beauty amongst the industry. Whatever we find, we will be sharing it with you, dear friends, family, and fellow river rats. The river connects us all.

Photo Montage by Chris Battaglia

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Booth's Point, Dyersburg Bridge, Bunge Grain Dock

Valencia, Moon, Scorpius, Island 62

Box Turtle 3 Views (Closeup)

Voyageur Canoes, Cat Island, Mouth of Arkansas River

2 Voyageurs Silhouetted near Dismal Point

Orion Rising Over Starr Landing

Julia Departing in her Rowboat, Sunrise, Josie Harry Bar

Pelicans on Beaver Island opposite Kaskaskia River

How Long? Voyageur on Osborne Island

Mississippi Map Turtle, 4 Views

Leopard Toad, Profit Island

Voyageurs Great Arch World Water Day

Ursa Major, Old Moon, Starr Landing


Note: Itinerary subject to adjustment according to wind, water levels and prevailing weather conditions. For detailed descriptions of route go to

Tues, Oct 31: Preparations.

Wed Nov 1: Advance all vehicles to Venice, park at the Cypress Cove Marina. Shuttle back to Bonnet Carret. Meet and camp at Bonnet Carret.

Thurs Nov 2: 10am depart Bonnet Carret Spillway and head downstream past Twenty-Six Mile Point, I-310 Bridge, Huey P. Long Bridge

Fri Nov 3: 9-Mile Point, Audubon Park, Algier’s Ferry, French Quarter, Algiers Point

Sat Nov 4: Algiers Point, Industrial Canal, Algier’s Lock, Poydras Bend, English Turn Bend, Caernarvon Crevasse, Twelve Mile Point (Full Moon Night)

Sun Nov 5: Shingle Point, Belle Chasse Ferry, Jesuit Bend, Will’s Point, Poverty Point, Point Celeste, Pointe A La Hache, Bohemia Beach

Mon Nov 6: Mardi Gras Pass, Port Sulfur (resupply), Happy Jack, Sixty Mile Point, Tropical Bend, Point Pleasant, Ostrica Pass, Buras Landing Boat Ramp, Fort Jackson

Tues Nov 7: Plaquemines Bend/Fort Jackson Point, Baptiste Collette Bayou, Venice,

Grand Pass Island, Cubit’s Gap

Wed Nov 8: Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Pilottown, Head of Passes, -0- Mile Zero, South Pass, Port Eads, Lower South Pass Island

Thurs Nov 9: Lower South Pass Island, last Camp on Expedition, Gulf of Mexico

Fri Nov 10: Paddle back upstream to Venice, Grand Pass Island, Cubit’s Gap, Delta National Wildlife Refuge, Pilottown, Head of Passes, -0- Mile Zero, final takeout at Cypress Cove Marina in Venice.

Sat Nov 11: Drive back through New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Natchez, Vicksburg, return to Clarksdale.

~ This portion of the expedition is made possible due to a partnership with the Louisiana Environmental Action Network ~


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