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12 Hours, 12th Day, 12th Month

Tomorrow, Tuesday, December 12th, join us for a 12 hour fast -- starting at 6am and fasting until 6pm (use your own local time).

Thanks to all who joined us in Sept for 9 hours, Oct for 10 hours and Nov for 11 hours. (We were on the Rivergator expedition in November). We hope tomorrow you can make the small sacrifice to do it again... for your parents.... your kids.... your friends.... your earth, your creator. And while you're at it please go and sign our petition.

Quick reminder: Why did we start this cycle of fasting? Due to the potential trauma mother earth will suffer from the U.S. departure from the Paris Climate Accord. Already this ill-made decision has negatively affected our business in nature tourism. We link arms with the Mississippi River mayors and many other mayors, businesses and organizations nationwide.

We are all about balance, in our canoes, in our work, in our lives. Let's regain balance and rejoin the Paris Accord! Our Paddles Up and a Big River Blessing to you All!

Note: all photos in this Dispatch are from our week-long expedition with the Proctor Mountain Classroom (great program, great tradition, great kids, great leaders).

Why Fast?

For our Children
For our Parents
For our Earth
For the Mammals
For the Fish
For the Birds
For our History
For our Culture
For Agriculture

For the Insects
For the Flowers
For the Forests

For Religion

For Well-Being
For the Future
For our Families
For our Poor
For our Rich
For Beaches
For all Peoples

For all Oceans
For Crustaceans
For our Whales

For our Rivers

For the Love of Life
For Fun
For Rejuvenation
For Community

For Peace
For Balance
For the Arctic
For Grasslands
For Wetlands
For the Largest Creatures
For the Smallest Creatures
For the Good of All