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LMRD 663, Friday, May 25, 2018

Logs and Rivers

MPB Conversations — John Ruskey

Humans have always been inspired by logs and rivers. Every time we bring people to the river, they are always intrigued by floating logs, and sometimes climb on top. Kids have always been attracted to our canoe carving projects: the sharp shiny adze and axe blades glistening in the sun as they swing downwards and produce cascades of wood chips with resounding thuds; the graceful curves of paper-thin shavings uncurling from the mouth of the hand plane as we finish the creation of a log transformed into a dugout canoe.

Quapaw Canoe Company is connected to a tradition that dates back several thousand years... through canoe carving and paddling on the rivers of America. Learn more on MPB’s Conversations -- hosted by the illustrious Marshall Ramsey.

Click here to watch Conversations online:

MPB = Mississippi Public Broadcasting

June Canoeing Opportunities

From Shannon McMulkin
Director, Lower Mississippi River Foundation

June is packed with opportunities for kids and adults to connect to the Mississippi River! We still have spots available on any of the adventures below, contact us to learn more or to register. We are also still looking for a few sponsors to help make these trips possible.

Are you interested in sponsoring a student to attend these camps? You can make a contribution at or send a check to our office at 107 Perry St, Helena, AR 72342 or contact us to learn more.

Educator Paddle -- (Helena) -- June 2nd Teachers and youth leaders are invited to join us for a free day trip to Buck Island. We'll share some lessons on the Mississippi history and ecosystem and discuss how you can integrate LMRF and the Mississippi River into your classroom or program.

Delta Adventure Day Camp -- (Helena) -- June 5th-8th (Ages 12-15) and June 18th-22nd( Ages 7-11) Each day we will explore the Mississippi River floodplain in a new way. Biking, hiking, canoeing and swimming are all on the agenda as well as plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with the wildlife of the Mississippi.

Mississippi River Summer Leadership Camp - June 11th-15th High school students have the opportunity to spend 5 days traveling 100 miles down the Mississippi River. Along the way, they will learn to camp, paddle a large canoe and work as a team to complete a challenging voyage.

Contact 870-753-8954 or to register for any of these trips or to make a contribution to make these camps possible!

Summer Beach Special

from Clarksdale

Wed June 6 - Friday June 8th

Summer Beach Special - Clarksdale:

In celebration of the Quapaw Canoe Company 20th Anniversary!

$50/person includes everything you need for the river. Pack your own snacks, lunch, water bottles, sun protection and swim gear. Meet at 9am at Clarksdale Base, 289 Sunflower Avenue. Back by 2pm. 6 min to make trip, 10 maximum per canoe. If more than 10 we'll add on more canoes.

To reserve your place call or email Quapaw Canoe Company:

Daytrip for Teachers

from Helena

Sat, June 2nd



Join us for a short trip to Buck Island to learn about the Lower Mississippi River Foundation's work and how we can connect your students to the Mississippi River!


8am- 2pm

Meet at 107 Perry St Helena, AR

For more information or to register contact Shannon McMulkin 870-753-8954 or

“Wilderness Within”

Watercolors by John Ruskey

Mississippi River State Park

Wilderness Within at the Mississippi River State Park

Watercolors by John Ruskey

June - November, 2018

Opening Reception:
June 21st from 6:30pm-8:00pm
Everyone Welcome!

For more information, contact:

Kristina Root-Carranza, Park Superintendent

Mississippi River State Park


Mississippi River State Park exists to provide quality access to the St. Francis National Forest and to inspire personal connections with the River, Delta, and Ridge.

2,000 Years of Canoe Carving

Learn more on MPB's "Conversations" -- hosted by the illustrious Marshall Ramsey. You can see online here: MPB = Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

Lower Mississippi River Dispatch

"Voice of the Lower Mississippi River"

Published by the Quapaw Canoe Company since 1998

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary Year!