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Full Dewberry Moon Canoe Trips this Week!

Moon over South Pass (JR)

Sorry for the late notice, but now announcing: Full Dewberry Moon trips this week from Clarksdale! (Yes dewberries are in season). The Full Dewberry Moon will be rising near Saturn and Mars. Planets visible further West along the ecliptic include Jupiter, Venus and Mercury. Thursday (6/28) is the 100% full moon night, but there is a 20% chance of storms. Wed (6/27) will be 99% full, and will rise just before sunset. No forecast for rain on Wed. South wind 5-10mph feels good and keeps the skeeters at bay. Both nights will be romantic, powerful, humbling, moving... It might feel scary at times, but most of the time it will be deeply soulful and fun. 6 minimum to make trip. 10 maximum. $50 special half-off deal in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Quapaw Canoe Company. Thanks y'all for making us who we are today!

Wednesday July 27th

Thursday July 28th, 2018

6pm to midnight

Full Dewberry Moon

(Known as "Full Strawberry Moon" by Algonquins, and "Full Rose Moon" in Europe)

On the Mississippi River!

Potluck Supper (See below for more details)

Canoes at Mouth of Arkansas River in the light of the Full Moon (JR)

Meet Place: 289 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, Miss

Meet Time: 6:00pm

End Time: 11pm/12midnight (depends on towboat traffic, wind, weather & etc)

Charge: $50 each (Note: this is a special half-off deal in celebration of the Quapaw Canoe Company 20th Anniversary!)

Quapaw Provides: canoes, paddles, lifejackets and all necessary river gear, first aid kits, VHF Marine Radio, running lights, and all necessary navigation running lights emergency gear. Plates & Utensils. Camp tables. Camp Chairs. Iced Cooler. Bonfire (maybe -- sometimes too hot this time of year!).

Bring with You: Something to share for Potluck. 2 water bottles (refill using our 5-gal jugs). Shoes you don’t mind getting wet & muddy. Long sleeve shirt & long pants (for skeeters). Mosquito repellant. *Headlamp or *Flashlight. Cell Phone in Ziplock. (*Don't forget headlamp or something to light your way!)

Is it okay to Swim? Yes. Bring towel and swimsuit. Leave a change of clothes in your vehicle.

Voyageur Canoes: 6 minimum to make trip. 10 maximum each. No previous experience necessary. Everyone paddles together. First come first served.

To reserve your seat: contact Quapaw Canoe Company 662-902-7841 or email


Correction from Summer Camp Issue: The below turtle is a Smooth Softshell, AKA Apalone mutica (-- and not the Spiny Softshell as reported last week). Thanks to kayaker Mike Beck for this ID! The smooth softshell is a species of softshell turtle of the family Trionychidae, and is endemic to North America (Wikipedia).

Alien Invasion? No, this is the Smooth Softshell Turtle (Apalone mutica -- found and released on Henrico Bar June 14th)

Bizarre Design found on the underside of the same Smooth Softshell Turtle (Apalone mutica -- found and released on Henrico Bar June 14th)


"Wilderness Within"
at the Mississippi River State Park

Watercolors by John Ruskey, June - November, 2018


Summer QCC Apprentice Isaac Freund in his favorite locale: an overhanging Black Willow (
Salix Nigra)


LMRD 668 ~ Lower Mississippi River Dispatch

"Voice of the Lower Mississippi River"

Published by the Quapaw Canoe Company since 1998

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary Year in 2018!