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LMRD 693, Tuesday, Nov 27, 2018
Clarksdale, MS ~ Helena, AR
Summer Camp 2018 -- to be continued in Summer 2019 -- with your support!

Lasting Stewardship on the Lower Mississippi River

Friends, Family and River Rats:

If you haven't already done, please consider a donation today (Giving Tuesday) to the LMRF - Lower Mississippi River Foundation. Your money will be doubled by Facebook and Paypal.

Your donation will very efficiently converted into lasting stewardship on the Lower Mississippi River, under the leadership of Shannon McMulkin and board of directors including Aallyah Wright, Erin Lee, Jenn Mohead, Kevin Smith and Scott Shirey -- thanks Shannon and board for your dedication!

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Summer Camp 2018 -- to be continued in Summer 2019 -- with your support!

From LMRF Director, Shannon McMulkin:

Today (Tuesday, Nov 27th) Facebook and PayPal will match any donations you make to LMRF!

Donate today to help us take advantage of this offer.

Read below about the work LMRF has done this year and how you can support our work!

“I jumped in the river, I can’t believe I did that!” Nykeria said as the sun set on the last of our four nights on the river. Like all the kids on this year’s summer camp, Nykeria had never been on the Mississippi River, she had never been canoeing or camping, but it didn’t take long for her to feel to feel the peace and power the river provides.

“Being out here, it feels like freedom.”

If you have experienced the river for yourself, you know what she is talking about. We believe that everyone deserves access to that experience. That’s why LMRF is working to remove the barriers that prevent people from accessing the natural beauty of the Mississippi River.

Thanks to your support in 2018 we

-provided overnight and day camps on the river for Nykeira and other students from the Delta
- provided in class programming and field trips that connected youth to the Mississippi
-hosted over 900 visitors to the Smithsonian exhibit Water/Ways which sparked conversations about the importance of water in our lives.

I am writing to you because we need your support to continue these programs next year. Accessing the river is not easy, it requires boats, safety equipment, guides, transportation, food, and camping supplies.
- A gift of $100 could help get one student out on the Mississippi River for a day.
-A gift of $300 would allow a child to camp out for a night on a river bank.
-Donations of $10, $20 or $50 allow us to continue onshore and in-class programming that sparks youth connection to the river

Your support helps us provide transformational experiences for youth in the Delta by exposing them to the natural beauty in their backyard. Help us continue to create the next generation of river stewards!


The Lower Mississippi River Dispatch "Voice of the Lower Mississippi River" is published by the Quapaw Canoe Company, which is celebrating its 20th Anniversary Year in 2018. Photos and writing by John Ruskey, Mark River and others. Please write for re-publishing. Feel free to share with friends or family, but also credit appropriately. Go to and click on "Quapaw Dispatch" for viewing back issues of the LMRD.