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LMRD 694, Friday, Nov 30, 2018
For Sale: Mississippi River Raft
Fully Equipped and Ready to Roll!

IOCO the Mississippi River Raft is now available for your adventure, organization or community project!

We can deliver. Contact John Ruskey for details.

Size: 13' x 20'
Weight: approx 1,000 pounds
Capacity: 2-3,000 pounds

IOCO can be rowed, sailed or motored. Comes with motor mount and steering column. Maiden Voyage was 2,000 miles down the Mississippi River in 2016.

IOCO is outfitted with:
-Solar Panels and battery charging system
-12V Marine Batteries
-VHF Marine Radio
-Running Lights

-Heavy Duty Anchor
-500 feet of marine rope
-4 heavy duty nautical horn cleats (on corners of raft)
-2 beautiful hand-crafted oak tillers

IOCO raft is built from 95% recycled materials. Pontoons are 48" tall. Raft draws 1' of water fully loaded.

Expertly crafted by a team of international adventurers and engineers in 2016 (Recycled Mississippi)

IOCO: Recycled Mississippi raft successfully journeyed down the Mississippi River during the summer of 2016. She's ready for her next adventure!

IOCO Raft Oak Tillers for use when under Sail

IOCO Raft Deck Detail: Solar Panels propped up by Step Ladder

IOCO Raft can be used for Educational and Recycling Programs

IOCO Raft can be used for Youth Groups

IOCO Raft can be yours (My daughter not included)!

For Details: Contact


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