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Frosty Beaver Moon Solstice Celebration Paddle this Friday and Saturday, Dec 21 and Dec 22. *Note: Time moved up an hour. Meet 12noon at base in downtown Clarksdale. Back to town between 7 and 9pm, depending on conditions. We'll be looking for Comet Wirtanen (46P) which will be passing in between Auriga the Charioteer and Perseus the King. Also, maybe the tail end of the Geminids? Everything will pale under the whimsical gaze of the Frosty Beaver -- the 3rd brightest moon of the year. See below for complete details. Great way to celebrate Winter Solstice and shake off the long night blues.

Path of Comet Wirtanen, Nov 22, 2018 - Jan 3, 2019, Sky & Telescope

Regain the Balance

In advance, we raise our paddles in concert with the 200 world leaders who agreed to reduce global warming last week in Poland. And also to the Mississippi Mayors who made a bold statement in response to US Climate Report in November. The only way we will turn this around is when all of us join in together -- like a team of paddlers -- to regain the balance... This is an opening, a great opportunity to journey together. Now's the time. Let's do it.

Memphis Flyer
, Tues Nov 27, 2018

Mississippi Mayors Urge Action on Climate Report

Quapaw Canoe Company
2018 Press Highlights:

Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal, Nov 16, 2018
Canoeing Company Offers Excitement, Enlightenment
by Kevin Tate, Outdoor Writer
Photos by Layne Logue

Sierra Magazine, Summer 2018 Water Issue
Paddling the Mississippi Ain't a Huck Finn Adventure Anymore
By Boyce Upholt, photos by Rory Doyle

Bitter Southerner, Fall 2018 Re-Issue
Wild Miles on the Big River
Boyce Upholt, photos by Rory Doyle

Coming in 2019:

BBC TWO, Jan 3, 2019
Mississippi, Amazon, Yangtze

All ye from the British Isles: tune in Thursday January 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2019, at 21:00 on BBC 2 for BBC EARTH'S GREAT RIVERS program. Covering the Amazon, Yangtze, Mississippi. (Spoiler: You might see some of our ugly river-rat faces in the Mississippi Episode!)

Click here for EARTH'S GREAT RIVERS Schedule

PS: North America, we will have to wait for same program to be aired in June, 2019 on PBS

Friday Dec 21st and Saturday Dec 22nd:
Full Frosty Beaver Moon Adventure
In celebration of the Winter Solstice
Got the long night, cold winter Christmas blues?
A Mississippi River river-rat bonfire might be what you need...

Full Frosty Beaver Moon Adventure
In celebration of the Winter Solstice
-2 trips Friday Dec 21st and Saturday Dec 22nd
-Meet: 12noon Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale
-Paddle to wild and remote river island. Bonfire Supper.
-BYOB, BYOD (Bring your own bottle, bring your own dish), bonfire potluck
-Paddle back home by the light of the Moon.
-3rd brightest moon of the year.
-Comet Wirtanen might be visible
-The Geminids might still be active
-Back between 7 and 9pm, depending on conditions.
-Dress for weather. Pack gloves, scarf and warm hat. We'll provide everything needed for river, including wetsuits and neoprene boots.

Reservations: contact

River Art, Books and Used Equipment:

Now on sale at the Quapaw Canoe Company Mississippi River Interpretive Center headquarters in downtown Clarksdale:

-Mississippi River driftwood
-Mississippi River driftwood ornaments
-River Map-Posters
-River Books
-Annual Used Equipment Sale: tents, pads, paddles, life jackets, sleeping bags, a trampoline and much, much more!
-Original John Ruskey Watercolor Paintings some framed, some not
-Watercolor Giclees of some of the most popular of the John Ruskey watercolors (museum quality prints on buffered watercolor paper).

Mississippi River Interpretive Center
Quapaw Canoe Company
289 Sunflower Avenue
Clarksdale, MS, 38614

If you don't see anyone around, please call John Ruskey 662-902-7841, Mark River 662-902-1885, or Tanner Aljets 618-520-9749.

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