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LMRD 702, Tuesday, Jan 8, 2019

Deer Island Dreams

In This issue:
-Dreams for the Big River 2019
-Deer Island Dreams
-Dreams for Quapaw Canoe Company
-What are Your Dreams?

In the New Years 2019 Emma and I circumnavigated Deer Island by canoe...

...And discovered a profusion of wildlife hidden in its inlets and passages...

...Such as the Great Egret...

...An active Osprey Nest (saw several of these -- and one Bald Eagle Nest -- and their inhabitants)...

...Winter Haven for American Pelicans...
(We see these migrating up and down the Mississippi River)...

...and the ever ubiquitous Great Blue Heron... And other Herons...

~~~But amongst all of the life
we also found death (or near death)~~~

***Warning: you might find some of the below images to be disturbing***

...Baby Flounder trapped by Low Tide (we were able to rescue)...

...Tuna Washed Ashore (not to be revived)...

...Eviscerated Raccoon Floating in Bayou (noticed Mature Alligator nearby)...

...Brown Pelican Strangled by poorly-designed plastic Dock
(this was in Ocean Springs Harbor)...

...Tar Balls at Eastern Point of Deer Island (maybe leftover from Deepwater Horizon?)

~~~What about your dreams of 2019?~~~

Will you walk amongst the tarballs towards redemption & rejuvenation?
(maybe with sustainable living and other remediation)?

Will you follow the wandering path of light & beauty?

Will you walk the life-giving waters toward edge-of-the-earth enlightenment?

...It's our feeling that the waters connect us All...

...And the Big Canoes Bring Us All Together...

...For Stories, Sharing, Prayers, Hopes, Dreams...

This is our Dream for Quapaw Canoe Company in 2019:
To share the raw, wild, power & beauty of the big river
with patience, balance and compassion -- for our clients --
-- for the river -- for all its creatures --
-- and for our mother earth --


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