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LMRD 718, April 15, 2019
Lower Mississippi River Dispatch
~Voice of the Lower Mississippi River~

Horn Island Expedition Guest Artist: Robin Whitfield

In this issue:

1) Horn Island Artist's Retreat

Last Call for Horn Island! See below for details. Led by John Ruskey. Guest Artists: Robin Whitfield and Julian Rankin. Special Guests. Partnership with Walter Anderson Museum. We still have one or two seats in the big canoe for the Horn Island Artist's Retreat, starting Earth Day April 22nd for 6 days, return to shore Sat April 27th. To & from Ocean Springs, MS.

2) Canoe-Canopy Tours

This weekend in celebration of Earth Day 2019 we will be offering a series of Canoe-Canopy Tours -- paddling through the flooded forests in places that birds are normally flying! Special experience for birders and any naturalists -- and open to anyone interested. Witness the spring songbird migration from the safety of a 29-foot voyageur style canoe. Daytrips: 10am to 3pm, meet at Quapaw Clarksdale. Take your choice: Sat April 20, Sunday, April 21st or EARTH DAY, Mon April 22nd. Beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day weekend.

Mon, Apr 22 | Horn Island
Horn Island Expedition | Artist’s Retreat in Voyageur Canoe

Artist-adventurer and guide John Ruskey and WAMA partner on a six day expedition to the wild and remote barrier island that Walter Anderson considered Eden.

Time & Location

Apr 22, 7:00 AM – Apr 27, 4:00 PM
Horn Island, Horn Island, Mississippi, USA
About The Event

Monday, April 22 - Saturday, April 27
(One day paddling out, four days on island, one day paddling back)

| Open seats! To register, contact John Ruskey at |

In celebration of Earth Day, artist-adventurer and guide John Ruskey and the Walter Anderson Museum of Art partner on a six day expedition to the wild and remote Mississippi Barrier Island, Horn Island. Explorers paddle out together in a twenty-nine foot voyageur-style canoe, a vessel historically designed for use by French fur traders on the open waters of the Great Lakes.

Horn Island is part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore and was delicately and articulately celebrated by the legendary naturalist-artist Walter Anderson in watercolors, prints, pottery, wood sculpture, and journaling.

The group will meet and park vehicles at Ocean Springs Harbor on Monday; paddle out to the island for four days of primitive camping, art making, and reflection; and return on Saturday. (One day paddling out, four days on island, one day paddling back; Final schedule weather dependent). John Ruskey, a celebrated guide, veteran outdoorsman, and founder of Quapaw Canoe Company, serves as the lead guide on the expedition.

Contact: John Ruskey at to reserve your seat in the big canoe, or for more information. Includes guiding, outfitting (big canoe, paddles, life jackets and all necessary water safety gear), meals, dry bags, tents and sleeping bags, kitchenware, camp setup, all food prep, cooking and cleaning. No previous experience necessary, but must be comfortable with waves and extended sustained long distance paddling, and must be in good health and shape.

“The wind and sea began to rise… Then, at a certain point, I began to experience uncertainty… I was in conflict with a demon… He was perfectly willing that I should reach the island but it must be with the uttermost expenditure of strength and endurance.”

– Walter Anderson

"In order to realize the beauty of man we must realize his connection to nature." -Walter Inglis Anderson

In Partnership with the Walter Anderson Museum of Art

WAMA MISSION: "to empower lifelong curiosity and connection to the natural world through the art of Walter Anderson and kindred artists."



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