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LMRD 720, April 22, 2019
Lower Mississippi River Dispatch
~Voice of the Lower Mississippi River~

Will it still be safe for our kids? Swimming and playing in Mississippi River downstream of proposed Poopline location, which will add "145,800 gallons of shit and sludge per hour..." to our beloved river.

~~Earth Day Edition~~

Happy Earth Day to All!

May all our dreams be with the River (and the Earth). We hope wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, that it is in harmony with Mother Earth, and sustainable for the long term. Mother Earth could use a little mercy now.

Proposed Poopline: 145,800 gallons of industrial and residential waste per hour will enter river one mile from here (2nd Chickasaw Bluff)

In this edition:

-Canoe-Canopy Tours
-WOTUS comment period over, but you can contact your leaders about
-Rejoin Paris Accord
-Mea Culpa

Canoe-Canopy Tours

The river is flowing through the canopy, and we are paddling with it! This week, in celebration of Earth Day 2019, we will be offering a series of Canoe-Canopy Tours -- paddling through the flooded forests in places that birds are normally flying! Special experience for birders and any naturalists -- and open to anyone interested. Witness the spring songbird migration from the safety of a 29-foot voyageur style canoe. Daytrips daily, 10am to 3pm, meet at Quapaw Clarksdale. Mon April 22nd. Sunflower River guided trip $50/each. Mississippi River guided trip $100 each. Both rivers are high, but both are safe for canoe canopy tours! Beautiful and meaningful way to celebrate Earth Day week. Contact Mark River 662-902-1885 <>, Lena Von Machui 662-313-6220, or Tanner Aljets 618-520-9749 <> for reservations and schedule.

Proposed Poopline: "145,800 gallons of shit and sludge" per hour will enter river approx 15 miles upstream of here (Hen & Chicks, Meeman Shelby Forest State Park)

Attention all West Tennessee and Memphis area paddlers:

Poopline Controversy Continues:

"145,800 gallons of shit and sludge sliding..." (down the river and headed to Memphis)

Poopline public hearing set for Thursday, April 25th, at Dyersburg Community College.

Will it still be safe for our kids? Swimming in Mississippi River near Memphis, 30 miles downstream of proposed Poopline.

Memphis Flyer Story:
Pipe Dream: Megasite Sewer Line into the Mississippi River Causes Strife

Down by the Water (by Toby Sells; excerpted paragraph; go to Memphis Flyer for full story)

The Mississippi River sloshes gently against a concrete boat ramp. The ramp angles into the muddy water from a wide, flat spot called Duvall Landing in Tipton County, about 45 minutes north of Memphis. A mud-splattered truck with a boat trailer sits in the chilly breeze, the only tenant of a parking lot big enough to swallow an airplane hangar. The lot is covered by a half-inch of mud, and a look at the detritus on the bank makes it clear that the river crested and receded here not long ago.

A kayak-and-canoe blog called Rivergator said the parking lot is a "notorious hell-raising party place amongst locals." The description matched the evidence of discarded Bud Lite bottles, spent shotgun shells, and lighters that littered the ground, and an enormous bonfire circle.

Just north of that scene, state officials hope to snake a wastewater pipeline the width of a large pizza (18 inches) out into the main channel of the Mississippi. If the stars align, and they win that large manufacturer to the megasite 35 miles away, that pipe could send up to 3.5 million gallons a day of human feces and industrial waste into the river.

Party at Duvall Landing with the pipe going full blast, and you could clock about 145,800 gallons of shit and sludge sliding right by your bonfire every hour.

"People out here have to actually get in the water to launch their boats," said Jo Cris Blair, administrator of the Say No to the Richardson Landing Poopline group. "Will they get sick? We have no way of knowing. Will the fish start glowing in the dark? We have no way of knowing."

But Blair said the wastewater will destroy farmland, settling into soils after floods. It'll also impact the local wildlife — fish, birds, and deer — and "it will really hurt the fishing and boating community."

For the rest of the "Poopline" story, go to


Mea Culpa: Dear Readers, sorry not to be able to finish high-water story, I will complete when time allows…. As you know, there is no charge for this newsletter, and we do not attempt to sell anything through it, except for the magnificent beauty of the river herself. And I do not make my income from it. I build canoes and provide guiding & outfitting through Quapaw Canoe Company. So I can only devote so much time to creative writing and other endeavors of the heart & imagination. Regardless, I will finish that story sometime this Spring or at latest this Summer!

Quapaw Canoe Company
Calendar, Spring/Summer 2019

May 2019
Sat, May 11
Community Half-Daytrip - Mississippi River

Mon May 20 - Sat May 25
Pascagoula River Expedition — Naturalist’s Retreat in Voyageur Canoe

June 2019

June 3rd-7th
LMRF Summer Camp
for Mississippi and Arkansas youth!

Sat, June 14
Community Half-Daytrip - Mississippi River

Sun, June 15
Buck Island Adventure
Experience the East Arkansas Mississippi River Canoe Float, 9am-5pm from Helena, Ar.
In partnership with the Mississippi River State Park


Rejoin Paris Accord:
If we can do it in Clarksdale, you can do it in your own town!

We at Quapaw Canoe Company are all about balance, in our canoes, in our work, in our lives. Let's regain balance and rejoin the Paris Accord, if not nationwide, then town by town, and state by state. The US left the Paris Accord on June 1, 2017. This embarrassment continues to smolder across the globe, along with smoldering forests and increasing rates of warming and carbon output. The 2018 US rate is greater than previously predicted. The polar caps are melting faster than predicted. Penguins, orcas and starfish are in dire straits, all God’s creatures are dangerously affected. We burn more fuel than any other nation except China, and yet we are the
only ones not to sign the accord. Water connect us all, and we all breathe the same air. What we do here affects everyone and all creatures around the globe.


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