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~~~ LMRD 725 ~~~ May 15, 2019 ~~~
Lower Mississippi River Dispatch
~Voice of the Lower Mississippi River~

Canoe Canopy Tour with 3rd Graders

Recently we partnered with the Lower Mississippi River Foundation in a daytrip for the Palestine-Wheatley 3rd graders. It was a landmark of sorts: we've guided 1,000s of youth and adults on the Mississippi River over the decades, but I believe this was the first-ever daytrip in our 21-year history for a Lower Mississippi Valley public school!

Are you itching?
to get out on the river? Three offerings coming up this weekend! On Fri, May 17 and Sat, May 18
, Magnolia-Mulberry Full Moon - Mississippi River, 3pm - 10pm. Sunday, May 19 is a Canoe-Canopy tour with the LMRF Community Half-Daytrip - Mississippi River, 1-5pm from Helena, AR. See below for more information. 6 minimum needed to make any of these trips.

Photo by Rory Doyle for Mississippi Magazine: A Generation of River Stewards

In the News:
The Quapaw Canoe Company was featured in several recent news stories:

1) Mississippi Magazine:
A Generation of River Stewards
(Online subscription, or pick up most recent issue at bookstore or grocery store)

2) Atlanta Magazine:

The River Wild: Paddling through a lesser-known side of the mighty Mississippi

3) The Vicksburg Post:

Institute provides journalists a unique experience on the Mississippi

Quapaw Canoe Company
Two New Offerings for Summer 2019 -- and beyond!

Two new offerings on the Quapaw Canoe Company website: Quapaw Vicksburg and the Mississippi River Outdoors School!

Layne Logue, the heart & soul of Quapaw Vicksburg

Layne Logue: Quapaw Canoe Company Vicksburg Outpost

Leon Pantenburg: Big River Wild Adventures

Quapaw Canoe Company
May 2019

Fri, May 17
Magnolia-Mulberry Full Moon - Mississippi River
3pm - 10pm

Sat, May 18
Magnolia-Mulberry Full Moon - Mississippi River
3pm - 10pm

Sun, May 19

Community Half-Daytrip - Mississippi River
1pm - 5pm from Helena, AR

June 2019

June 3rd-7th
LMRF Summer Camp
for Mississippi and Arkansas youth!

June 15
Buck Island Adventure
Experience the East Arkansas Mississippi River Canoe Float
9am-5pm from Helena, Ar.
In partnership with the Mississippi River State Park


Sunday, May 19, 2019

1 - 5 PM

Meet at 107 Perry Street in Helena, AR

This will be a will be a community paddle through the flooded forests of the flooding Mississippi River from Helena, Arkansas!

Call 870-228-2421 or email to register

Our Dream for Quapaw Canoe Company in 2019:

"To share the raw, wild, power & beauty of the big river
with patience, balance and compassion
for our clients
for the river
for all its creatures
and for our mother earth"


The Lower Mississippi River Dispatch "Voice of the Lower Mississippi River" is published by the Quapaw Canoe Company. Photos and writing by John Ruskey, Mark River and others. Please write for re-publishing. Feel free to share with friends or family, but also credit appropriately. Go to www.island63.comand click on "Quapaw Dispatch" for viewing back issues of the LMRD.


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