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LMRD 763 — Tuesday Feb 4th, 2020
The Lower Mississippi River Dispatch
"Voice of the Mississippi River"

QCC -- Upcoming Paddling Events in 2020:

*February is for Friends of the Sunflower River, music, storytelling, cleanups and community paddling events

*This Week is the Full Snow Moon! Thurs, Fri, Sat, Feb 7-9 Full Snow Moon canoe trips -- from Clarksdale, Helena, Memphis

*Sat, Feb 15, Bonfire, Potluck, Community Canoe -- General Annual Membership Meeting, potluck, Sunflower River Cleanup, Featuring the Lower Mississippi River Foundation, Friends of the Sunflower River, and the 1Mississippi River Citizen Program.

*March 13-15, Canoecopia, World's Largest Paddling EXPO! Madison, WS. Quapaw Canoe Company sharing table with the MRN 1Mississippi Program.

*March 23-28th, Week-Long Artist’s Retreat on Horn Island, with nature artists Robin Whitfield and John Ruskey. Pack your pencils, pens, paintbrushes, camera, guitar, or whatever your medium is. We'll take care of the rest. In partnership with Walter Anderson Museum.

*April 18, Bluz Cruz 22-mile Paddling Race on the Mississippi River at Vicksburg. Go to for registration and more info.

*June ? Outdoors Inc Memphis Canoe and Kayak Race 2020

*June 13-16, Girls Camp: Summer Leadership Camp for Delta Youth on the Mississippi River III

June 18-22, Boys Camp: Summer Leadership Camp for Delta Youth on the Mississippi River III

*Aug 15 Floatzilla is the biggest paddle festival on the Mississippi River, meet at Sunset Marina, Quad Cities.

*Sept 20-27, Magic on the Big Muddy MISSISSIPPI ADVENTURE WEEK I

*Oct 1-4, Mississippi River Yoga Retreat with Erin Mulligan

*Oct 4-12, SUP ADVENTURE MASTERCLASS with Dave and Emma Cornthwaite

*Oct 18-25 , Magic on the Big Muddy MISSISSIPPI ADVENTURE WEEK II

*Oct 27 - Nov 8 Mississippi River CREATIVE RETREAT with nature artist John Ruskey

EPA, President Trump: Reinstate Waters of the United States Rule

Reasons for Signing: As of this morning 1,093 people have signed our petition to reinstate the 2015 Waters of US Rule. Thanks to all who did! See below a selection of comments and heart-felt testimonies. Emotionally poignant, these underline the reason for our cause. Signers came from the Upper Miss, the Middle Miss, the Lower Miss, the Vermilion, the Missouri, the Wabash, the Platte, and many other tributary rivers, other rivers around the country, the Columbia, the Colorado, the Rio Grande, and some river-rat friends joined us in our effort as from around the world -- as a show of strength. The waters connect us all. Thanks for signing!

Go to petition to sign your name -- and read the rest of the comments:

"Water is life"

"We all live downstream."

“I am a hydrogeologist. I am signing this because I know that every drop of water that I, all my family, and all my community drinks moves down small drainage ways and into wetlands and creeks before becoming part of our water supply. The quality of the water we drink is in large part the sum of all the rural, ephemeral streams that feed our reservoir. We want our water clean.”

"My body is 60 percent water. The want the water I drink comes from rivers and ground water that is all connected. I want the water to be clean."

"I'm signing this petition because I live near a tributary of the Mississippi River and I know how important it is to keep our rivers and streams clean. My local drinking water comes out of the Vermilion river."

"I'm speechless. Why would the ***Environmental Protection Agency*** decide to RELAX regulations that keep water clean?"


"Water is life to every person, plant, and animal. It's the blood of Mother Earth. Protect clean Water!"

"Our home is sacred and should be treated as such. We have not been good stewards of this land. It is time to stop the damage and move into a cleaner, healthier future for all creatures on this earth. No one owns the right to destroy her."

"I sign because I've been a paddler, fisherman, hunter, camper, hiker all my life.”

"My family has a sandbar named for them. My grandfather was a Colonel in the Corps of Engineers. The river is in my blood. I hate what Trump has done. He doesn’t even realize what this means. It’s just dollars and cents to him instead of climate and sense. Why do so many stand with him I’ll never know. I write Senator Alexander hoping he will go out against Trump. I want to leave my granddaughter a clean waterway. These rollbacks on EPA regulations are disasters for our grandchildren.”

"I drink water."

"I use the waters almost daily. I travel miles by our waters weekly. I know them and I love them. This petition is just the beginning of my plans to defend our waters.”

"I grew up at the headwaters of the Mississippi. For many from my community clean water is not only vital for our health but it is our culture and way of life."

"We need to keep on track not go back!!!"

“The waters of the Mississippi River are my lifeblood. I play in the water. I work on the water. I drink the water. I bathe in the water. I ponder by the water. I build my life around the water. Technically, it comprises about two-thirds of my body, but it ever floods the entirety of my spirit.”

"It is easy to look at America's amazing streams today and forget what condition they were in before the passage of the Clean Water Act. This act was passed for a reason. A nation that could agree on very few things during the height of the Vietnam war could agree on one thing: We all need an ample supply of clean water to go about our daily lifes. Our big rivers are fed by progressively smaller streams. The ultimates sources of all streams are those that only flow after it rains and those potholes and wetlands that only discharge after heavy rains. Just like the veins in our body, you cannot the sever the small from the large and expect the body to live. Clean Water Act protection must apply to streams of all sizes to be truly effective. Without quality water, there is no quality life. We call on you to do the patriotic thing, restore the protections imparted on America's waters, promulgated by American for Americans."

"Water is to life as the air we breathe. All living things depend on clean water sources. We all live downstream!"

"Freshwater is the basis of life!”

"Clean water is the foundation of healthy community for both people and nature. With out it nothing else matters."

"The time to deepen our nation's commitments to clean water is now. Any moves (like this one by the current administration) which deter or deregulate us from doing everything we can to protect and promote clean water is irresponsible. Until as individuals, communities, counties, and states we can consistently demonstrate that our intentions and actions are aligned for healthy waterways, responsible land management, and respect for our neighbors, we need bedrock federal regulations like the Clean Water Act (and the WOTUS rule). Narrowing the scope and not applying CWA protections to certain 'tributaries', 'adjacent waterways', many types of wetlands, and intermittent streams, simply is NOT grounded in a fundamental understanding of water (hydrology) and flys in the face of a great depth of scientific research that was incorporated in the Obama Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. We will leave a legacy of stewardship and care for the earth for the generations to come. The time to voice your opinions and act on them!”

"Water is our life source. It must be protected"

"I like to swim wherever I am, across the Mississippi Valley, and elsewhere. Not being able to swim would be almost as bad as not being able to breathe. (It should be a basic human right!). This ruling will make all waters around the country questionable for swimming. All waterholes, swim holes, ponds, lakes and your favorite beach on your favorite stream might be corrupted due to this ruling."

"The waters of the Mississippi River are my lifeblood. I play in the water. I work on the water. I drink the water. I bathe in the water. I ponder by the water. I build my life around the water. Technically, it comprises about two-thirds of my body, but it ever floods the entirety of my spirit."

"Am I for clean water? Yes. Do I believe having the EPA oversee a government program will work? Nope. Explain how the EPA is going to prevent massive flooding like we've seen over the last 2-3 years. More waste goes into the rivers that way than any other. At least there is a natural filter as things pass through the ground, but nothing due to floods. Do you really want the government to take control of your water? I would rather put the money and time in talking to companies that provide fertilizer to help them provide better products than try to pass more legislation to raise costs and essentially do nothing."

"I am a big river paddler and I care greatly about the state of the Mississippi River flyway. This migratory flyway has existed for thousands of years and the wildlife and health of the river is threatened."

"I’m signing because these Waters are our commons. The headwater streams, the ephemeral creeks, the wetlands and marshes, the major rivers don’t stop and start neatly at the boundaries of private and public land, or state or county lines. The policies that protect our waters of the U.S. should be informed by science, including the science of how healthy rivers, wetlands, and underground aquifers are all connected. What happens upstream affects everything downstream. And those tiny little headwater creeks with only intermittent flows? Perhaps the most important and most vulnerable of all. Science, data, evidence. Common sense and common ground. Healthy lands and waters. We need all of it."

"I like to drink water, I like to swim, I like to raft, I like to fish.....all these activities require clean water and a lot of it. Let’s not forget the farms, the industries, the cities, the children!"

"I join this petition to protect the rivers, creeks, streams and watersheds that we depend on for our very lives. I live at the Confluence of two GREAT RIVERS - the Missouri and Missippi. Our region is defined by our relationship with the rivers. We cannot LIVE without clean and fresh water. Defend - not destroy - the Waters of the United States!"

"my livelihood is directly dependent on healthy rivers and streams"

"I love the Mississippi and the living beings and surroundings of her, and thus I feel responsible for their well-being, which is simply natural."

EPA, President Trump: Reinstate Waters of the United States Rule

Paddles Up! Noon, next Saturday, Feb 15th behind Quapaw Canoe Company headquarters, Clarksdale, MS: bonfire, potluck, and community canoe!


*Lower Mississippi River Foundation*
(Annual General Membership Meeting)

*Friends of the Sunflower River*

*1Mississippi River Citizen Program*

February is for river lovers! We always hold our annual general membership meeting the closest Saturday to Valentine's Day. This year is at noon Sat, Feb 15th. Feel free to join! And bring a dish to share at potluck around friendship bonfire!

We're kicking off the 2020 season with a gathering of all the friends of LMRF, the Mississippi and the Sunflower River. All are welcome who already love the river or want to learn more!

Join us for a potluck followed by a canoe trip on the Sunflower River with experienced guides. No equipment or experience necessary!

Join us before the canoe trip for an informal member's meeting and potluck! We'll share a quick update on what the Lower Mississippi River Foundation worked on in 2019 and where we are heading in 2020.

Potluck and LMRF Meeting:
12 noon - 1 pm

Sunflower River Canoe Trip:
1 pm - 4 pm



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