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Mid-March update for:

Friends of the Sunflower River

We’re Halfway There!

Weir Donations: Thanks to Shonda Warner, Charles Evans, Bill Luckett, Emily Cooper, Emma Crisler, Dr. McGee, Quapaw Canoe Company and the George and Lillith Burner Foundation we are now 51% of the way towards our $3,000 goal to support the capping project.

Many thanks to all who have donated so far. To everyone else, please consider making a one-time donation for this project that will have a positive effect the quality of life in downtown Clarksdale for decades to come.

See below for the reasons you should donate to this project

***Weir Project***

The Sunflower River Weir needs to be raised another 18 inches -- local support needed to complete project -- $3,000 goal by April 1st.


1. Isn’t the weir project completed? No its not done. It is 90% complete but now it needs to be fine-tuned.

2. Why wasn’t the weir built higher? The engineers didn’t want to cause flooding problems for downtown Clarksdale. But now that we’ve seen the effects of the weir we know 18 inches can be added without future detriments.

3. Why donate? This is your way of participating in the future of Clarksdale, and its a good investment: concrete, steel and rock have longevity!

Friends of the Sunflower River has agreed to spearhead a fundraiser to compliment this project which will provide life-long beauty and promote healthy living to downtown Clarksdale and all the neighborhoods along the Sunflower River including Riverton, Brickyard, Lower Brickyard, West Clarksdale, Duckwalk, Circle Drive neighborhoods, Chancellorsville, Ridgecrest, and anyone else who lives along Sunflower Avenue, Riverside Drive, Cypress Street and enjoys Soldier’s Field Park and the Sunflower River Walk. ($20,000 budget total shared by City, County, and Yazoo Water Management District + contributions).

Send contribution by check made out to “Friends of the Sunflower River” with the earmark “Clarksdale Weir”

Friends of the Sunflower River

291 Sunflower Avenue

Clarksdale, MS 38614

“This river has the blues…”

New Members: Thank you Bob “Spoonz” Rowell and Jon Popper for becoming new friends.

Renewals: Thanks to Laura Barnaby, Guy Malvezzi, Curtis Boschert, Bill Hayden, Bob Long, Bill Luckett and Sandra & Charles West for renewing their annual membership with the Friends!


The past 2 weekends we hosted cleanups of the Sunflower River (from downtown Clarksdale up to Lee Drive) and on the Huskpuckena River (off the old Hwy 61 bridge near the town of Hushpuckena).

Go see pictures of the cleanups at:

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