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LMRD 795 - Lower Mississippi River Dispatch
"Voice of the Lower Mississippi River"
Wednesday, Sept 9, 2020 ~ Flow like a River?

~~all photos and sketches from river trip Labor Day weekend~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~thanks Lori & ET~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~thanks Lindsay Kolasa~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What happens
when we let a river
flow like a river?

what happens when we let a river...
to meander through its natural floodplain like a river?

to frame elegance and beauty, like a river?

to give life, and then take it away, like a river?

to move in and out of its willow wetlands like a river?

to flood like a river?

to create life, in all its myriad forms, like a river?

to draw and redraw patterns, like a river?

To split and reveal the beauty within, like a river?

to plant seeds, and nourish them to ripness, like a river?

To find a niche for endless possibility of form & color, like a river?

to allow the existence of swirling expressions, like a river?

to destroy, rearrange, and then re-create, like a river?

to leave tracks in the morning, like a river, and then remove them at night?

To reflect light, like a river, and to make shadows from light?

to fertilize the soil, and make room for creation, like a river?

to mesmerize the imagination, like a river?

to share all the wealth -- and all the trash, like a river?

to flourish in fractals, like a river?

to find focus amongst the motony, like a river?

to open the pathway onwards to the light, like a river?

to nourish the mammals, like a river?

to articulate absurdity, to give a home to all, like a river

to hollow out safe harbors, like a river?

to make us dance, to make us sit in wonder, like a river?

to buoy our vessels, like a river?

to feed us, like a river?

to mix beauty and commerce, like a river?

What will happen when we allow a river to flow like a river?

...we will meet the grace of the creator, forever flowing,
like the river, somewhere in between heaven and earth...

and we will exist, like the river, somewhere in between the two...

Let a River Flow Like a River
poem, photos and sketches by John Ruskey
Quapaw Canoe Company

please feel free to share, but credit appropriately!