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Lower Mississippi River Dispatch No. 838
~~~~~~ Thursday, May 6, 2021 ~~~~~~~
Clarksdale, MS ~ Memphis, TN ~ Vicksburg, MS

Advance Note: Mississippi Delta Teachers: Saturday planning session for Space Between the Trees, all educators are welcome! Sat, May 8th -- 9AM at Meraki Coffee Roasters, 282 Sunflower Ave, Clarksdale, MS. 9am-3pm. See below for more info, or contact Robin Whitfield 662-230-0368.

Update: At 5am this morning, Team #1 MMZERO was paddling around island 69, just north of Rosedale, MS, and Team #2 Mississippi Speed Record was nearing Jacobson, MN. Both teams of 4 people are racing to break the world record of paddling the length of the Mississippi River -- 18 days, 4 hours and 51 minutes.

Spring 2021 Artist Retreat
was a week-long exploration
of the tangle of islands and curvy channels
around the mouth of the Arkansas,
an exploration of our creative side,
an exploration of the wonders of nature
during the time of the Full Pink Moon.

The Wilderness within: This is a recapitulation of an ongoing theme of ours, the wilderness within. What is wilderness? Where do we find it? What does it do to our hearts? Our souls? Our pathway forward? The setting for this is the wild islands of the Lower Mississippi River, or on the Mississippi Barrier Islands. The vessel is our voyageur canoes. Our feet open the islands, our paddles open the wild watery world surrouding. Our paintbrushes, guitars, ukeleles, cameras, pens and pencils are the tools in the exploration, inward and outward. The rhythm of the quiet breath in, and the exhalation following sets the pace. In the stillness between thoughts, and in the space between our footsteps, and between our inhalations, the universe opens up, with infinite dimension and possibility...

(More to follow in next week's LMRD...)

(Note: next opportunity for creative, spiritual rejuvenation takes place May 25-28, Erin Mulligan Yoga Retreat, and Nov 8 - Nov 14 Horn Island Naturalist's Expedition)

~~~Space Between the Trees~~~

Space Between the Trees Planning Meeting

9AM - 10AM: Faculty Begins arriving at Meraki Coffee Roasters (282 Sunflower Ave, Clarksdale, MS)

10:30AM - 12:30PM: Conversation with Educators at Meraki and Working Lunch (on us)

1-3PM: Tallahatchie Wildlife Refuge Faculty Meeting in the Field

3PM: Depart as needed; Some return to Clarksdale for further visiting


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