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Funeral Arrangements for Mr. Tater, The Music Maker, Foster Wiley: I have been receiving overwhelming emails in response to the news about Tater's (and Sean's) death, thank you everyone for this. The sharing is cathartic. Tater, wherever you are May you forever have a smile on your face, a guitar in your hands, a camera crew following you and a dance floor of beautiful women to sing to! I am working on a story for the Bohemia (Poor Richard's forthcoming expression) as well as an obituary for Living Blues Magazine. I have some good memories, and good stories to relate. Maybe someone reading this has their own Tater story to share? Please put it in writing and send. Thank you. I know he put smiles on many people's faces. I made a Tater photo album on facebook: See below for some of the emails & phone calls I've gotten, mostly local cut also from Italy, Boston, France, Canada, Germany, England, all directions of the compass, Tater touched some people, that's for sure. I will print these for tater's Memorial, and share with his brothers. FUNERAL ARRANGEMENTS (per Tater's brothers Joshua and Joe Wiley) Viewing: Monday, September 13, 2010 2pm - 6pm Woolf Funeral Home 761 Mckinley St. Clarksdale, MS 38614 662-624-2025 / 662-624-2522 (more info) Wilbert D. Phillips, funeral director Funeral: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11am Vincent Productions 313 Issaquena downtown Clarksdale, MS 38614 662-621-8925 Cemetery: Procession to cemetery, etc. immediately following the funeral. Pilgrim's Rest Church Directions: From 161 North State Street (headed away from "Crossroads" marker and toward Kroger), turn left on New Africa Road (by the McDonalds) going toward Roundaway. Drive approximately "3-4 miles to old church on right" (painted white). Reception/blues jam: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 3pm Vincent Productions 313 Issaquena downton Clarksdale, MS 38614 662-621-8925 DONATIONS FOR FUNERAL EXPENSES (per Joshua and Joe Wiley) Donations: Can be accepted at the Reception above, or... Per the family, please mail checks in Mr. Tater's brother's name, "Joshua Wiley"; he is temporarily covering the funeral expenses: Joshua Wiley 4123 Farmview Dr. Nashville, TN 37218 615-498-0244 / 615-876-9449 (questions) Go to Vimeo for a wonderful mini-doc video about Mr. Tater, made two years ago, courtesy of Barefoot Workshops: Also, the Music Maker Foundation has minted a special edition CD "The Best of Mr. Tater: The Greatest Music Maker Alive" -- purchase of which helps defray costs of the funeral for Tater's brothers Joshua & Joseph. You can find copies of this CD for $15 at the Delta Blues Museum or at Cat Head Music & Arts, both in downtown Clarksdale. Call them today and order some of Tater's music and help his family out. Well said about Tater. I feel the pain. Bill (Clarksdale) Tater died? Oh no. I was just thinking about trying to contact him about a project. I am sorry to hear this. Best, Michael Ching (Iowa) My heart to yours John in your loss. They will only now help to enhance your appreciation of the river and the beauty around her. Fondly in memories still of my solace on the river, Charlotte (Oxford) John, Lori and I are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of Tater. We had many wonderful experiences in his presence. He is a Clarksdale "legend" that will truly be missed. And so sorry about Sean. What an incredible influence and great friend he must have been. Love and peace and many blessings, my friend. John and Lori (Sedalia, Missouri) I am not of sufficient eloquence to say what is inside today. Please let it suffice for the moment that my heart is so heavy for the loss of our beloved brother, Tater. I will be on the river this weekend with the heavens welcoming him with tears of joy. Let it rain. The angels can welcome another who mattered in such a perfect way, who mastered the simplest commandment, love one another. I will be wearing a long blade of grass in my hat to commemorate my moment of glory with Foster Wiley, cutting on the levee listening to the essence of him pouring out in song. I'm truly sorry for your loss my brother. I feel it with you, and lean my hand along the riverbed to clasp yours and share what can be shared. And, I shall be sending condolences in the swirls of my paddle strokes and they shall arrive to you and to all who are there. tu compaƱnero miguelito (St. Louis) Dear John from Roger Stolle I've received the sad news about Mr.Tater. I put the news with a photo in next september issue (never ready in time...) and send you a copy (when appear...). All the best Marino (Italy) I am very sorry to hear you lost two close friends in this world. Sean, for one, is part of our film - in the interview with you on the river, we mention how one day, you two had enough of the four walls of your classroom and decided to build a raft and live like Huck Finn and Jim. (Germany) John, that was so sweet of you to write that sweet email. (Clarksdale) Such sad news, John. Tater will surly be missed in so many ways! He was truely one of a kind. Our lives were richer for his presence. And your good friend... a hard day. May the waters soothe you and refresh your being. Love, Patty (Clarksdale) John, I hated to hear about Tater. Keep me posted on the funeral arrangements. The dates of our Yoga River trip are Oct 8 -10, not 6 - 9. Didn't want anyone to get confused. Have a pleasant weekend, Conner (Clarksdale) What you wrote about Tater and Sean is really lovely.. My heart aches for your loss in Sean (who I knew of only by name from Laura and Molly) and our loss of Tater.. (Clarksdale) Dear John, I'm so sorry about you loss. Dean (Colorado) Hi John, I just hate this.... It was Tater and the very few special people like him that kept me in this town... damn damn damn What can I do? A headstone? A spray of flowers for the casket? Any speaking needed? Let me know how I can best serve him.... Xo Shonda (Clarksdale) hey brutha man, so sorry to hear about the loss of your two dear friends. my thoughts go out to you.....let me know if you need anything. all the best, gordo (Clarksdale) Oh boy. Very sad. He seemed fairly young and very healthy last time I saw him. What happened? How old was he? My sympathy to both of you and everyone else who was close to him. I've always been part of his fan club! Ch. Steve Cheseborough (Portland) I'm very sorry John, you've lost two very fine, and very close, loving friends. They were both far too young to go, living full, interesting lives while contributing to our deep, warm, vibrant southern culture. Keith (Memphis) I am sorry about the loss of your friends, John. You honored them well with those kind words. This morning I was reflecting on the "life is but a vapor" sentiment that too seldom seeps into my rat-race disposition, and I resolved to rectify it somehow. The water is a great place to start... Regards, Mckee (Friars Point) John Bro, Very sorry to hear about the loss of Tater and Sean, two people for whom I know you cared deeply. I have nothing but fond memories of them both. In the big wheel of life and death their spirits carry on and soar but the unexpected passing of friends can sometimes be unbearable. My thoughts go with you. Love, Ern(Vermont) I hope no on minds me posting their email, somehow it helps lessen the loss to know how broadly loved Tater (and Sean) were, and sharing it helps signify the meaning of their lives. For more Tater comments, go to the Tater photo album on facebook: