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Amazing Mathematical Object Factory - Why is the Amazing Mathematical Object Factory here as a link? Because my brother, Frank, designed it, that’s why. I can do that!

BluesFestivals.com - When is that festival in Davenport? How about San Fran? If you’re travelling anywhere in this country, there’s sure to be one, or maybe you’d like to plan a journey around the King Biscuit Festival. To do this, your first stop should be Bluesfestivals.com, maintained by island63 web designer John Moore, and his hard-working staff.

Delta Blues Education Program - The Delta Blues Education Program is led by "Mr. Johnnie," Johnnie Billington, who devotes his life to year-long apprenticeships for Mississippi Delta children. Supported with a grant from the NEA.

EarthSky - What’s that star you never noticed before shimmering on the water at dusk? Go to Earth and Sky and find out.

Great River Bookstore - Quick download – text only – list of books on the Mississippi with prices and other pertinent info, and links to get to reviews (by Amazon.com). 14 different choices alone for the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. I guess that safeguards that title from the censurers – those who would like to see this American classic burned in a funeral pyre. (Well, for now at least).

Intellicast - Memphis Weather Report - You might not be able to be on the mighty Mississippi enjoying an evening on a sandbar, but you can go to the Intellicast forecast for Memphis and find out if it’s a beautiful sunset, or if its raining.

Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee - Official site of the Lower Mississippi River Conservation Committee. Important for the Lower Mississippi, which so often gets drowned out by all the efficient doings of the conservation campaign on the Upper. Constantly changing display of color photos.

Mississippi Outfitters - Did you know that the "batture" of the river in Mississippi is the richest habitat for deer in the country? The Delta Outfitter’s Association site – primarily for hunters and fishermen – but with all kinds of cool and interesting info on the Mississippi Delta. Camping and dining notes also.

Mississippi/Ohio River Aerial Photo - Clicking here downloads an aerial photo of the confluence of the Mississippi and the Ohio. The Mississippi at its greatest natural width. Compliments of NASA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Northwest River Supply - Wondering where to get paddles, PVDs, straps, and more river gear than Mike Fink would know what to do with? Go visit Northwest River Supply and throw your balanced budget out the window.

Paddler’s Retreat — For Everything that’s SUP -

PBS's River of Song - PBS’s River of Song is a four part series on the contemporary music along the river, with several pages to visit featuring: the artists, calendar, teacher’s guide, pressroom, and a place to buy – what else? – PBS books and CDs.

River Watch - Ever wonder what the river level is on the Mississippi at Helena, and you’re living too far away to get it out of the Memphis Commercial Appeal or the Clarksdale press register? Look no further! River levels for the Lower Mississippi and Lower Ohio, in simple text form, with flood stage. Now you can watch the mighty crests of the Mississippi’s mighty floods without having to experience them. Maintained by the National Weather Service.

Seminary Canoe Rental - Head to Seminary Canoe Rental for canoe rentals for the only whitewater canoeing and kayaking in Mississippi, on Okatoma Creek.

USGS Real-Time Water Data - Go to any state or big river in America and receive hydrologic data! Maintained by the USGS.

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