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Three locations to serve you on the Lower Mississippi River:

Clarksdale, MS Quapaw Canoe Co.
Clarksdale, MS
Est. 1998
Helena, AR Quapaw Canoe Co.
Helena, AR
Est. 2008

(Canoe & Kayak Rentals)
Helena, AR Quapaw Natchez Outpost
Natchez, Miss
Est. 2014

Top 10 Most Awesome Things About Quapaw Canoe Company

Our Mississippi - Partnering to Keep America's River Great - Summer '13

Delta Inset Quapaw Clarksdale Birthplace of the Mississipi River - Lake Itasca, Minnesota Birthplace of the Missouri River - Three Rivers, Montana Big Muddy Adventures Middle Mississipi River Birthplace of the Ohio River - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Perpetual Motion: The Great Bend Rolling Hills of Western Kentucky Helena Outpost Chickasaw Bluffs Muddy Waters Wilderness Mississipi-Louisiana Loess Bluffs The Louisiana Delta U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National Audobon Society American Land Conservancy Chickasaw Bluffs into Memphis Memphis to Helena Ivory Bills & Bears Cache River - White River Helena Outpost - Canoe & Kayak Rentals Yazoo Pass Expedition Muddy Waters Wilderness Lower Arkansas River Wilderness Arkansas River Confluence Big Sunflower River Mounds Crevasse - Greensville Bends Wilderness of the Lower Delta Yazoo River of Death Vicksburg - Yazoo River Delta Big Black River Mississipi Bluffs Bayou Pierre
River Gator Lower Mississippi River Water Trail

"Surfing a 300 Mile-Long Wave" - A Canoe Expedition During the Great Flood of 2011
DVDs on sale now for $15! Sales to benefit the Mighty Quapaw Apprenticeship Program.
Call us at (662) 627-4070 or email us at
Surfing a 300 Mile-Long Wave - A Canoe Expedition During the Great Flood of 2011 - Memphis to Vicksburg35 minutes of photos, video clips, river music by John Ruskey Featuring W. Hodding Carter and Christopher LaMarca

Movie Clips

Sustainable Commons Wilderness Within The Rivergator Overcoming Fear The Mighty Quapaws Life Lessons of the Dugout Canoe - CNN iReport Creative Crossroads from Barefoot Workshops Carry Me Home from Barefoot Workshops We All Live Downstream The Mighty Quapaw

If you've ever listened to the blues, or R&B, or hip-hop, you need (that's right, need) to make a pilgrimage to the land that started it all: the Mississippi Delta.
Where the Big River Gets Lost - Nat'l Geographic Article (pdf)

Get your copy of the 30th Anniversary Issue of Outside Magazine, and see the story "Anyone for a Dip?" (Pgs. 164-172)
We guided Editor-at-large (and Memphis native) Hampton Sides on a baptismal cross-channel swim last May. For a preview of the psychology involved, and an interesting preview of Hampton's next work of non-fiction, a Memphis-based oral history of the Martin Luther King Assassination, listen to the podcast on the Outside Website, or read the story.
57 Feet & Rising
By: W. Hodding Carter
During the Great Flood of 2011, the Mississippi was an unleashed monster, with deadly currents and a flow rate that could fill the Superdome in less than a minute. Defying government orders, Delta native W. HODDING CARTER and two wet-ass pals canoed 300 miles from Memphis to Vicksburg�surfing the crest, watching wildlife cope with the rising tide, and assessing whether man�s �attempts to tame this river will always be doomed.
Click here to read the full story.

Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace Quapaw Canoe Company is introducing Leave No Trace Principals to the Lower Mississippi River

1 Mississippi
1 Mississippi Can the RIVER count on you?
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