River Time: The Lower Mississippi River Dispatch

Ready to get out of town? (Like Huck & Jim?) Ready for some river time? Warning: you may not want to return! Through personal stories, music, photos, news items, and realtime opportunities, seasoned Mississippi River Rats from the Quapaw Canoe Company will guide you over the levee, and then down the muddy banks of the river — and into the expansive forest and floodplain of the biggest river in North America! For some “river time!” The Lower Mississippi River is a thriving paradise just over the levee, where the waters flow forever wild and free — as they bounce back and forth between the big sky and the big islands — and your imagination is set free amongst the whirlpools, eddies and boils, and the profusion of wild birds, fish, and mammals. We might have our feet in the mud, but our eyes are on the heavens. We call it “river time.” This is our reality. You may not want to return once you get a taste of it!

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