Sandbar Smorgasbord

Pack your own lunch, or we can prepare ($25 each). Our typical lunch offering is something we call “Sandbar Smorgasboard.” It’s a buffet-style extravaganza that we set up on the sandbar using our camp tables with meats, cheeses, sausage, smoked salmon, tuna salad, breads, chips, fruits, veggies, and hummus dip. Avocado, tomatoes, carrots and red cabbage are standard, as are sliced apples and oranges. Sometimes we add nuts, dried fruits, and other side items. We stock enamel plates and silverware. Everyone serves themselves according to personal taste. Sandbar Smorgasboard has choices for all diets including vegan, vegetarian, and allergies. Let us know if you or your group have any specific preferences. We pack water in 5-gal jugs. Bring wide-mouth water bottles and refill from our jugs. Everything else is BYOB. If you have anything else you prefer to drink bring it and pack into our cooler. Or bring your own cooler.