Memphis to Vicksburg (300 miles)

A trip perfect for those who want a great adventure in the heart of America. This is a beginner level “expedition-style” trip. Maybe you are a scouts group wanting to step it up a notch and really teach your scouts some life skills. Maybe you are an outdoor educator looking for new places to explore. Maybe you are forming a team of people and want them to work well together–this adventure beats any corporate retreat. Whatever your role, this is a perfect introductory-level expedition trip.

This Big River journey starts at Mud Island, in Memphis Tennessee. As the guides pack the canoes, check out the to-scale model of the Lower Mississippi River just a 2-minute walk away! Once on the water, paddlers will have the pleasure of paddling under the historic three bridges of Memphis. After this, the Muddy Waters Wilderness envelopes the canoes and the souls of all who enter. Breathtaking views of remote sandbars, backchannels, and wildlife abound. Camp at the mouths of the White and Arkansas Rivers, or perhaps take a meander down the Greenville Bends–the old channel of the Mississippi. Enter Louisiana, and arrive refreshed and thoroughly satisfied with your accomplishment at Vicksburg, MS. The historic city sits on high bluffs with incredible views, also known as “The Key City” or “The Key to the South” for its pivotal role in the Civil War. Catch the Riverwalk murals on your way out of the Yazoo Harbor, or head uphill for a stunning and different perspective of the river you just paddled.

Major Milestones/Highlights

Week 1: Memphis, TN, The Muddy Waters Wilderness, Helena, AR, Confluence of White and Arkansas Rivers.

Week 2: Greenville, MS, Entering Louisiana, Vicksburg, MS

Experience required

No canoeing experience required. Must be an experienced camper. Must be mentally prepared for an “expedition-style” trip of approximately 2 weeks.

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