Sanitary Practices

Guides have all received C19 vaccine and booster. We are setting up hand washing station at landings and all stop places on trip. We set up a hand-washing station at all landings and at campsite, with soap and water. All participants are required to wash hands before eating.

Pack your own personal hand sanitation, and your own personal face mask. If any participant is virus positive, or has been in recent contact with someone, please stay home!

Going to the Bathroom:

The only thing to add to this is “going to the bathroom” protocol.  Activity takes place in primitive locations.  No bathrooms on river or islands.  

For #1: find private place, could be behind a tree, behind a giant log washed on the island, or it could be while you are wading or swimming in the water (in warm months).  If nothing else, walk far enough away no one can see you.  If time does not allow a walk, we will designate a boys area and a girls area.  Everyone turn their head while you do it.

For #2: find an even more private place, preferably a sandy place.  Dig hole at least one foot deep.  Use stick if the ground is hard.  Go to the bathroom in the hole.  Bury toilet paper and human waste together in same hole.  Cover hole.  Plant stick so no one else digs in the same place!

When you are done, go to water’s edge and wash hands with sand, water & soap vigorously for a minute or so.  If you have hand sanitizer, use.  

Before eating, or preparing food, use hand washing station as second layer of sanitation.  Consult Quapaw Canoe Company guides if you have any questions about the above protocol.

Thank you!