Mississippi River Partners

Lower Mississippi River Foundation

The Lower Mississippi River Foundation is dedicated to promoting stewardship of the Lower and Middle Mississippi River through deep engagement. Quapaw Canoe Company partners with the LMRF in Community Canoe Trips, and the annual Mississippi River Youth Leadership Camp.


Mississippi River Network

The Mississippi River Network (MRN) encourages education, inspiration, and opportunities to embrace the Mississippi River. The goal of the Network is to protect the land, water and people of the United States’ greatest River. Founded in 2005, the Network has grown into a diverse coalition of 57 nonprofit organizations and businesses from the River’s headwaters in Minnesota, to where it drains into the Gulf of Mexico. Network members share resources, implement whole River strategies, and support the 1 Mississippi national campaign.



The Mississippi River is truly America’s River – a critical source of drinking water for 18 million people, a diverse habitat for wildlife, the backbone of our economy and a rich part of our heritage. The Mississippi River unites us as a people and we rely on it more than most of us realize. QCC guide Mark River Peoples is the southern coordinator for the 1Mississippi program, which connects people who care about the river with the people who are making decisions about the river.


Leave No Trace

We are all the solution to conservation, and Leave No Trace is leading the way with pioneering science, hands-on training, and simple guidelines. Leave No Trace helps you explore the outdoors sustainably every time you get outside. Quapaw Canoe Company is introducing Leave No Trace Principals to the Lower Mississippi River.


Walter Anderson Museum of Art

The Walter Anderson Museum of Art inspires discovery, imagination, and community-building on the Gulf Coast and beyond through programs, exhibitions, and outreach; and embodies Walter Anderson’s vision for societies in harmony with their environments. WAMA’s mission is to empower lifelong curiosity and connection to the natural world through the art of Walter Anderson and kindred artists.