Trip Basics

Hullo paddlers & adventurers! We look forward to organizing a river adventure for you and your family, or friends!

Most of our trips are out of home base Clarksdale, Mississippi, day trips or overnights. We organize our adventures on a custom basis, but we also offer special paddling events such as Community Canoe, Yoga Retreat and Artist Retreats.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Follow these three steps to books your trip with Quapaw Canoe Company:

  1. Choose what type of trip you would like: day trip, camping trip, or hop on public trip offering!
  2. Find an open spot on the calendar for your trip.
  3. Request your trip and pay the deposit.

Day Trips

Join us for a day of adventure on the Mighty Mississippi River.

Our typical day-trip schedule is as follows:

9am: Meet at Quapaw Canoe Company in downtown Clarksdale, pack bags, board shuttle

10am: Shuttle to River Landing. Load canoes and push off downstream.

11am: River exploration and padding

12noon: Make landing on a sandbar, towhead, or island for our famous Sandwich Smorgasbord.

1pm: Time for exploring, beach-combing, swimming, following tracks across the huge sandbars, fossil-finding on the gravel bars, fishing, etc.

3pm: Reload canoes. Swirl around downstream and to our takeout point.

5pm: Take the canoes out, and shuttle back in personal vehicles or Quapaw shuttle

Camping Trips

The camping is spectacular on the Mississippi River — it’s like having an entire ocean beach to yourself! Full of wildlife, and the wonders of nature. The stars are almost as good as western skies. You can find 5-star camping on land, but on the river it’s million star camping! It is primitive camping, so no bathrooms or showers. But, you can swim in the Mississippi, and there is plenty of privacy when you need it. We carry everything with us for all of our trips, and go completely self-contained with all canoe and survival gear, food, water, camp and kitchen equipment, and personal items.

Public Trips

We offer a wide variety of public trips, our most popular being Community Canoe Trips and Full Moon Trips. If you want to hop aboard a trip and meet new friends and like-minded individuals searching for adventure, you’ve found your spot!

Click below to browse our public trip offerings:

Request Your Trip

If you would like to book a custom trip, head over to our calendar page, and search for a date range for your trip. Find an empty slot on the calendar that will fit your trip. The next step is to request those dates, and pay your deposit. To do so use the form below, be sure to have the information for everybody in the group handy when you do so.

If you need some more key information, see below


6 people or more is our best rate. For 6 people it’s $210 each per person/per day, all inclusive: guiding, outfitting, shuttle and meals. So if you do an overnight it’s $420 each. If 2 nights then it’s 840 each. Bring your own tent and sleeping bags + pads, or we can provide, add $35 each.


Once you decide on booking trip, we’ll need a $500 deposit or half down payment (whichever is less) to reserve your dates. Deposits can be collected via our FareHarbor booking system.

See Pricing Page


Also, our FAQs page will answer a lot of questions:


There are innumerable choices for spectacular paddling, but unless you have a specific request, we’ll probably take you on our favorite stretch of river, which is the Muddy Waters Wilderness (2-5 days). This is the wildest stretch of river along the Lower Miss, full of big islands, wildlife, culture, history, back channels, and the big river meandering through it all.

Meet Place

Meet place for trips is Quapaw Canoe Company, 291 Sunflower Avenue, Clarksdale, MS. Park your vehicle. Pack your gear in our waterproof dry bags, board our shuttle. And head off to an adventure on the biggest river in North America!