Canoes for Sale

Quapaw Canoe Company is a dealer for the following high quality canoe manufacturing companies:


Clipper Canoes

Quapaw Canoe Company — Canoes For Sale — 2020

All canoes are trimmed in aluminum unless otherwise marked. Bell Canoes are all produced with wooden thwarts. We-No-Nah Canoes are a mixture of aluminum & wood. Several canoes with minor use have been reduced, see below. We can order any canoe from the Northstar (Bell), We-No-Nah, or Clipper catalog and make custom orders for you! Add 7% MS sales tax to purchase price. Contact John Ruskey or 662-902-7841.


Minnesota IV Kevlar Ultralight $3899 (10% off = $3509)


Chestnut Prospector Kevlar Ultralight $3234 (10% off = $3202)
Northwind Kevlar Ultralight $3324
Morningstar Kevlar Ultralight $2922
Eveningstar Kevlar Ultralight $3293
Northstar Kevlar Ultralight $2958
Northstar 2-seater Black Gold (Carbon) $3371
Northstar 4-seater Black Gold (Carbon) $4125
Rob Roy 12’ Kevlar Ultralight $3018
Rob Roy 12’ Black Gold (Carbon) $3347
Northwoods Black Gold (Carbon) $3492
Bucktail Kevlar Ultralight (Carbon) $1788
Alaska Expedition (Royalex) $1880


18’ Tripper Kevlar Ultralight $3156


Used 17’ Heavy Duty Grummans $665-$1250 each


Used 17’ Alumacraft $525-$1250 each

-Also: Current Designs Nomad GTS (Kevlar, Cream color) $3584 (with accessories)
Inquire about other kayaks also available

Quapaw Canoe Company Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with your canoe or kayak purchase we will issue a refund (minus depreciation), or you can upgrade to something better suited to your needs