Allie Grant

Allie “River Angel” Grant brings a lot of light and character to our band of river rats, not to mention grace and intelligence.  She serves our needs and mission as our Secretary of the River. She takes care of all of our needs on the land side of the levee, while we river rat guides perform duties on the other side!  Your first contact with Quapaw will probably be with her. She speaks for all of us! Allie understands most deeply the heart and soul of Quapaw, and has helped us formulate our short term and long term dreams and vision in the current state of turbulence and chaos which echoes across our world, our country, our economy and our communities.  Allie leads a successful career in theatre, mostly on television, but also in writing and directing.  As result of pandemic, Allie has returned to her home state from NYC, (previously Hollywood) and has jumped on board with the team of Mighty Quapaws.  Like all Quapaws, she expresses her talents and passions alongside her river work — focusing on her family and her art — her creative brilliance is currently bringing to life a film production featuring real people, and real life, in Mississippi — called “Crooked Letters.” Allie’s presence is an incredible advance for our voyageur team, and our long-term sustainability in our mission to serve and share, to find balance, to celebrate diversity, and to exemplify democracy.