Heather Crosse “River Otter”

Heather Crosse “River Otter”

Capt. Heather Crosse, the “River Otter,” has been tracking the legendary Rougarou across the Deep South for over 40 years from her Red River homeland in the heart of Louisiana, to the Ouachita River Basin in Arkansas, and finally into the big muddy Queen of Rivers herself, the Mighty Mississippi!  She is a true swamp … Read more

Jean-Canot “J-C” Walker

Jean-Canot was born in Minnesota, and spent much of his youth exploring the Northwoods of the state, where the Mississippi River has its headwaters. Since 2011, Jean-Canot has worked for an outdoor program in those woods called “Les Voyageurs”, where he teaches canoeing, outdoor skills, and a very Franco-Canadien brand of French to youth aged … Read more

Mark “River” Peoples

St. Louis born Mark “River” Peoples is a river guide and youth leader with the Quapaw Canoe Company. Mark grew up hunting and fishing along the river with his father. After attending Missouri Central State University, and becoming defensive back with the New York Giants, Mark left a career in professional football for the river. … Read more

John Ruskey “Driftwood Johnnie”

John Ruskey builds voyageur style stripper canoes for use on the wild waters of the Lower Mississippi River, and is one of the most experienced builders of dugout canoes in the country. In 1998/99 John apprenticed to master canoe builder Ralph Frese in the construction of his first cypress strip voyageur canoe, The Ladybug 27! … Read more