Former Mighty Quapaws

Allie Grant

Allie “River Angel” Grant brings a lot of light and character to our band of river rats, not to mention grace and intelligence.  She serves our needs and mission as our Secretary of the River. She takes care of all of our needs on the land side of the levee, while we river rat guides perform duties on the other side!  Your … Read more

Lena von Machui

Lena relocated to Clarksdale from Germany in 2012. She came to research the history of the housing situation in the Mississippi Delta, and wound up never leaving. After working as the coordinator of the Clarksdale affiliate of Habitat for Humanity for four years, as well as spending a lot of time volunteering with a local … Read more

James “Woody” Sykes

James “Woody” Sykes is a canoe builder & river guide with Quapaw Canoe Company. Woody began his outdoor recreation career as a Mighty Quapaw Apprentice in 2003, learning canoe construction & repair, paddle building, and all aspects of canoeing and canoe safety. He is a seasoned adventurer who helped guide National Geographic Adventure in 2006 … Read more

Markevius “Dinky” Jones

Markevius “Dinky” Jones is part of the Mighty Quapaw apprenticeship program were he has learned and mastered many outdoor skills. Dinky began his outdoor recreation career in 2005. He has been on many adventures and has guided many trips with John Ruskey down the lower Mississippi River. He has also been involved in activities for the … Read more